10 Interesting Acting Facts

Saturday, November 2nd 2013. | Entertainment

If you love with Hollywood and want to be a part of this movie industry, why don’t you check acting facts? You are wrong if you think that all actors and actresses are rich. When you live in Los Angeles, you will know that the acting field is not always a promising job for some people. If you are famous and get a lot of offers, you will be rich in seconds.  This condition is not always true if you are not a famous actor or actress. The earning is so erratic. Sometimes it is not easy for you to cover the whole expense in a month. Let me tell you the surprising facts about acting in the post below:

Acting Facts 1: works

To gain more money, actors or actresses have to work not only on the film set, television, stage, or even video, they can be seen working on the theme parks, nightclubs and cabarets.

Acting Facts 2: recognition

The recognition as a big star is not easy to get.  Most actors have to work hard to make their acting job steady. You should never think that a big actor with wonderful experience will always get the main part of a movie. Sometimes they have to work as a cameo.

Acting Class

Acting Class

Acting Facts 3: irregular hours of jobs

The main thing that people should learn about actors is the irregular hours that they have to spend. Before the show begins, there will be so many rehearsals that he or she should attend.

Acting Facts 4: little preparation

Sometimes actors have to suit with the script. With a little preparation on camera, they have to memorize all lines.

Acting Facts

Acting Facts

Acting Facts 5: evening and weekend work

If you like with a steady job, it seems that you cannot be an actor. You have to sacrifice the weekend and evening to work.  There will be many performances and shows that actors and directors should do in the weekend because they can get more spectators.

Acting Facts 6: good physical shape

Being a good actor, you need to notice on good physical shape. The weight of heavy costumes should never bother your performance. You need to endure the heat produced by the studio light. Thus, actor and actress should be physically healthy.

Acting School

Acting School

Acting Facts 7: acting work

If you want to be a good actor, you need to have a sufficient training. You can land in the acting work by having a practical program as an actor.

Acting Facts 8: programs

The acting programs that people can choose when they want to be an actor is various. You can land into a three year MFA program or a four year BA program. If you do not have much cash to get the title, you can end up in conservatories.



Acting Facts 9: agents or managers

Agents and managers are important if an actor want to get more jobs.

Acting Facts 10: function of agents or managers

The main jobs of agents or managers are to negotiate contract, arrange the actor’s schedule and manage their acting career.

theater masks

theater masks

If you want to be an actor without using a lot of cash, you can follow some auditions. It can be the instant way to be famous. Do you have any opinion on facts about acting?

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