10 Interesting the Crucible Facts

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The Crucible Facts give the information about a famous play released in 1953. Arthur Miller was the American playwright who wrote the story.  The Salem witch trials which took place in 1692 until 1693 in the Province of Massachusetts inspired Miller to create a fictionalized story about it. The intention of Miller when creating the play was as an allegory for McCarthyism. At that time, the accused communists were blacklisted by the United States government. Check other interesting facts about the Crucible below:

The Crucible Facts 1: House of Representatives’ Committee

House of Representatives’ Committee questioned Arthur Miller in 1956 related to the Un-American Activities. Miller did not want to name the persons who attended the meeting to the congress. Thus, he was convicted of contempt.

The Crucible Facts 2: the first performance of the Crucible

On 22nd January 1953, Martin Beck Theater on Broadway hosted the first performance of The Crucible.

facts about the crucible

facts about the crucible

The Crucible Facts 3: the stars in the first performance

Beatrice Straight, E.G. Marshall and Madeleine Sherwood were the stars in the first performance of The Crucible.

The Crucible Facts 4: the opinion of Miller about the first production

Miller thought that the first production of The Crucible was too cold and stylized. It only received hostile review. However, it was considered as a powerful play by the New York Times.

the crucible book

the crucible book

The Crucible Facts 5: Best Play

Even though the first play was hostile, it earned Best Play from Tony Award in 1953. A new production on the Crucible was made a year later. It was made in classic style.  Now it is considered as one of the important works in American literature.

The Crucible Facts 6: the characters

Some of the characters in the Crucible are Tituba, Reverend Samuel Parris, Abigail Williams, Susanna Walcott, Betty Parris, Thomas Putnam, Mercy Lewis, Mary Warren, John Proctor, Giles Corey and Ann Putnam.

the crucible facts

the crucible facts

The Crucible Facts 7: Abigail Williams

Who is Abigail Williams? She was the antagonist in the play. She tried to accuse others for witchcraft for her own benefit. Check facts about Sins and Needles here.

The Crucible Facts 8: 2002 Broadway revival cast

In 2002, the Crucible was reproduced. The famous stars who participated as the cast were Brian Murray, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, John Benjamin Hickey, Kristen Bell, Angela Bettis, and Christopher Evan Welch.

the crucible movie

the crucible movie

The Crucible Facts 9: the original title

At first, the play was entitled Those Familiar Spirits. Then Miller called it The Crucible.

The Crucible Facts 10: the first movie adaptation of The Crucible

The first movie adaptation of the Crucible was released in 1957. Jean-Paul Sartre created the screenplay, while the director was Raymond Rouleau. Get facts about the Brothers Grimm here.

the crucible

the crucible

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