10 Interesting the Saxophone Facts

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One of the famous woodwind instruments is explained on the Saxophone Facts. Some people simply call it the sax. The way you play saxophone is similar with the one found in clarinet. Brass is considered as the main material to create the saxophone. In 1840, Adolphe Sax created saxophone. He was a Belgian instrument maker. Let us check other interesting facts about the saxophone below:

The Saxophone Facts 1: the intention of Adolphe Sax

Adolphe Sax was interested to create a musical instrument from the woodwind family, which had the ability to produce the most vocal and strongest sounds.

The Saxophone Facts 2: the patent

On 28 June 1846, Adolphe Sax earned patents for his two groups of musical instruments. Each group consisted of seven instruments.

saxophone military

saxophone military

The Saxophone Facts 3: the most popular saxs

The most popular saxs that you encounter today are the ones created in B♭ and E♭ . Both were intended to be played by the military bands. Check facts about the harp here.

The Saxophone Facts 4: the orchestral saxs

The saxophones in C and F were originally created for the orchestral usage. However, they were not popular for the C and F pitches were replaced by B♭ and E♭ instruments.

saxophone pictures

saxophone pictures

The Saxophone Facts 5: the player of saxophone

The word saxophonist is used to call a musician who plays saxophone.

The Saxophone Facts 6: the usage of saxs

Saxophone is played in various settings of music.  It is played during the jazz combos, big bands, and chamber music, marching bands, military bands, concert bands, solo repertoires and many more.

saxophone inventor

saxophone inventor

The Saxophone Facts 7: who is Adolphe Sax?

Adolphe Sax was a clarinetist, flautist and instrument maker from Belgium. He founded a musical instrument business by relocating to Paris in 1842.

The Saxophone Facts 8: the materials

Brass is the primary material to form saxs. The mother of pearl and plastic are used to form the finger touch. The stone and abalone key touches are offered too.

saxophone bambu

saxophone bambu

The Saxophone Facts 9: other materials

Saxs are also made in other materials. In Thailand, the small-scale industries create the wooden Sawat saxs. The polycarbonate saxophone and plastic saxs are available too.  Get facts about the Piccolo here.

The Saxophone Facts 10: the musical genres

There are various musical genres employing sax such as rock and roll, reggae, r and b, soul music, blues, funk, ska and many more. Clarence Clemons, Maceo Parker, and Memphis Horns played the instruments for those genres.

saxophone pic

saxophone pic

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