10 Interesting Reggae Music Facts

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Reggae Music Facts elaborate the details about the type of music in the world.  It was originated from Jamaica especially Kingston in the late of 1950s. There are various musical instruments used by the people when playing reggae such as organ, guitar, drums, bass, brass instrument and melodic. Here are other interesting facts about reggae music.

Reggae Music Facts 1: subgrenres

Reggae music has various subgenres such as the lover’s rock, roots reggae, and reggae en Espanol.

Reggae Music Facts 2: influence

The reggae music was very much influenced by the traditional calypso and mentor music. The rhythm and blues and American jazz also took part in the development of reggae music.

Reggae Music Bob Marley

Reggae Music Bob Marley

Reggae Music Facts 3: the characteristics

Let’s find out the characteristics of reggae music.  You can hear the heavy and thick sound of bass in reggae music. But the dominant music is played by bass guitar.

Reggae Music Facts 4: the dialects

There are several dialects that people can use to play reggae music such as the Jamaican English, Jamaican patois and lyaric dialects.

Reggae Music Facts

Reggae Music Facts

Reggae Music Facts 5: lyrics

Let’s find out the lyrics of reggae music. Most lyrics in reggae talk about the social criticism. But sometimes, it talks about the lighter issues like socializing and love.

Reggae Music Facts 6: Reggae en Espanola

Reggae en Español is one of the favorite music in the world. It is very popular in Venezuela, South American Caribbean, South America and Guyana. Check out another musical genre in facts about pop music.

Reggae Music Image

Reggae Music Image

Reggae Music Facts 7: reggae artists

Reggae music gained the attention in United Kingdom in the end of 1960s.  There is no need to wonder that most reggae artists began their journey to the music world in United Kingdom. It will be easier for them to get famous in Europe. These artists got the inspiration from the Caribbean and Jamaican community in UK.

Reggae Music Facts 8: Bob Marley

In 1980s, when Bob Marley Visited Zimbabwe, the popularity of reggae music in Africa was increased.

Reggae Music Pictures

Reggae Music Pictures

Reggae Music Facts 9: the notable reggae artists

There are several important reggae artists. Those include Charles Edwards, Leonard Howell, Archibald Dunkley, Peter Tosh, Charles Edwards, Mortimer Planno, Bob Marley, and Joseph Hibbert.

Reggae Music Facts 10: UB40

UB40 is a music band which focused on reggae music. It was very popular in 1980s and 1990s. This Birmingham based reggae and pop music band created the reggae scene at that time. Their popular hits included “(I can’t Help) Falling in Love with you”, “Kingston Town” and “Red Red Wine.”

Reggae Music

Reggae Music

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