10 Interesting Hippie Facts

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Hippie facts present the most popular era in 1960s. At that time, most people considered themselves as hippies were the rebelled one. Most of them are kids and teens. Even though hippie style is still popular today, people always associate it with fashion and style. Find out more about Hippie by seeing the following facts below:

Hippie Facts 1: ideas

There are ideas associated with hippie movement. When people talk about Hippies, you need to know the rainbow gathering, summer of love, Woodstock, grateful dead, bell bottom, love to party, peace signs, 1960s era, and tie dyed clothes.

Hippie Facts 2: tie died clothes

The tie died clothes are very popular in 1960s. It makes people look unique and different with colorful look on the blouse, shirt and skirt. In this recent years, some designers bring back the style of the tied died clothes in the dress and formal gown. It looks fascinating.

Hippie Beauty

Hippie Beauty

Hippie Facts 3: hipster

Hipster was the original word of hippie. This term is often used to describe the younger bohemian crown. But this word is used to term the movement of the people in 1960s.

Hippie Facts 4: politics

Even though Hippies have different fashion and life style, they are interested in politics. Some of them were considered as political activists.

Hippie colors

Hippie colors

Hippie Facts 5: luxury bath

It seems that the hippie people did not really like to clean their body. Even though they have luxury bathtub at time, they hate cleaning the body.

Hippie Facts 6: teacher

It is a surprising fact to know that more than 50 percent of the hippies were teachers.

Hippie facts

Hippie facts

Hippie Facts 7: a group

It was a rare view to know the hippie alone. You can find most of them in a group. They will have a meeting and make a big celebration with thousand other hippies.

Hippie Facts 8: vegetarians

Most hippies prefer to be called as vegetarian. They did not like to eat meat.

Hippie Music

Hippie Music

Hippie Facts 9: protest

People always stereotype the hippies with protest. Most of the members always protest about something even though sometimes they do not know the importance of this conduct.

Hippie Facts 10: promotion

Living as a hippie makes some people happy. They care more about promoting the music, love, weed and peace to the world.




Even though 1960s era has been over, there are some people who love to dress up like hippies. Are you wondered with facts about Hippies?

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