10 Interesting the Florida Everglades Facts

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Are you curious about The Florida Everglades Facts?  It is one of the interesting places that you can visit at the southern part of Florida, United States. Everglades is a natural area of tropical wetlands. It is often called as Pa-hay-okee. Check the following post for more information:

The Florida Everglades Facts 1: the beginning of Everglades system

The system of Everglades starts on Kissimmee River. It will end in Lake Okeechobee. During the wet season, the width of this water which leaves the river is 97 kilometer or 60 miles. The length reaches 160 kilometer or 100 miles. Find facts about the Daintree Rainforest here.

The Florida Everglades Facts 2: the weather patterns

The weather patterns in Everglades are unpredictable for it experiences different kinds of patterns depending on the weather and condition. During the dry season, it may face drought. During the wet season, it may experience the frequent flooding.

Florida Everglades

Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades Facts 3: the settlement

The settlement in the southern area of Florida can be traced back around 15,000 years ago. The native Calusa and Tequesta tribes dominated the region. Then it was colonized by the European people. Get facts about the Coorong here.

The Florida Everglades Facts 4: the sawgrass marshes

The sawgrass marshes are featured in the system. It is often nicknamed as River of Grass. The term was coined by Marjory Stoneman Douglas. The marine tribe environment of Florida Bay, pine Rockland, mangrove forest, cypress swamps and tropical hardwood hammocks are included in the complex system.

Florida Everglades Recreation

Florida Everglades Recreation

The Florida Everglades Facts 5: the declined population of the native

The population of the native tribes in the southern part of Florida was decreased in the next 200 years because of the Spanish colonization.

The Florida Everglades Facts 6: draining Everglades

In 1848, there was a proposal to drain Everglades from the migrants who wanted to transform the area into plantation. In 1882, the proposal was executed. During the first half of twentieth century, the region featured the canals. It led into the development of land and increased the economy in Florida.

Florida Everglades Pic

Florida Everglades Pic

The Florida Everglades Facts 7: the project in 1947

The Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project was established by the Congress in 1947. The levees, canals and water control devices built were at the length of 2,300 kilometer or 1,400 miles.

The Florida Everglades Facts 8: farmland

The farmland was spotted in some areas of Everglades. Sugarcane was considered as the main crop.

Florida Everglades Images

Florida Everglades Images

The Florida Everglades Facts 9: the development of Everglades

The agricultural and urban areas in the original Everglades occupy around 50 percent. Therefore, the conservation groups began to notice the ecosystem.

The Florida Everglades Facts the 10: deterioration of Everglades

The urban areas located in South Florida have reduced quality of life because of the deterioration of Everglades.

Florida Everglades Facts

Florida Everglades Facts

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