10 Interesting Iguazu Falls Facts

Friday, April 4th 2014. | Places

One of the best locations in the world that you can visit is explained in Iguazu Falls facts. There are many kinds of waterfalls in the world. You can visit the Victoria or even Niagara falls. However, The Iguazu Falls are well known in the world because it has unique features. You can go to Brazil or Argentina to enjoy the wonderful scenery in the waterfall.

Iguazu Falls Facts 1: formation

Let’s begin the discussion of Iguazu Falls by talking about the formation. Many local Indians call it as the Great Fall. It was created million years ago because of the volcanic eruption and movement of tectonic plates.

Iguazu Falls Facts 2: myth

Iguazu Falls is linked with a local myth too. It is stated the Naipi who loved her lover named Taroba refused to marry a god. Since the god was very angry, he split the river in two so that the lovers will never be united.

iguazu falls beauty

iguazu falls beauty

Iguazu Falls Facts 3: location

Iguazu Falls is located between the border of Argentine and Brazil. Compared to Victorian falls, the Iaguazu falls is wider.

Iguazu Falls Facts 4: the falls

You will never get disappointed when you visit Iguazu Falls. There are 275 separate falls here. The famous one is the Devil’s Throat.

iguazu falls facts

iguazu falls facts

Iguazu Falls Facts 5: plants

When you visit the waterfall, you can see not only a waterfall but also different kinds of plants. The people who want to study plants need to go here for it is the home to 2,000 different plants.

Iguazu Falls Facts 6: daredevils

If you want to know the unique animals in Iguazu Falls, you need to observe the great dusky swift located behind the fall. It is the nest of the daredevils.

iguazu falls image

iguazu falls image

Iguazu Falls Facts 7: rainbow

What makes the Iguazu Falls famous is because of the scenery. You can capture the rainbow over the falls.  This view made many photographers all over the world visit the falls.

Iguazu Falls Facts 8: opossum

There is no need to visit Australia if you want to know opossum. This marsupial animal can be seen living in the rain forest in Iguazu Falls.

iguazu falls pic

iguazu falls pic

Iguazu Falls Facts 9: water

I suggest you not to come here during the rainy season in November to March.  In a second, the waterfall can reach 45,000 cubic feet in a second.

Iguazu Falls Facts 10: Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the famous people who came here was Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. She said ‘Poor Niagara’ when she looked at at Iguazu Falls for the first time.

iguazu falls scene

iguazu falls scene

Iguazu Falls is included in the world heritage site of UNESCO. Do you have any other ideas on facts about Iguazu Falls?

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