10 Interesting Northwest Territories Facts

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Let’s find out a territory in Canada on Northwest Territories Facts. In 2011, the area was inhabited by 41,462 people. In 2013, there were 43,537 people who lived in the region.  Today, there are around 10,000 people who live here. That’s why it is considered as the most populous territory in Northern Canada. The total area of Northwest Territories is measured at 1,350,000 km square. In 1967, Yellowknife was selected as the capital. The Carrothers Commission recommended the city. Check other interesting facts about Northwest Territories below:

Northwest Territories Facts 1:  Canada Confederation

On 15th July 1870, Northwest Territories joined Canadian Confederation. At that time, Northwest Territories were parts of the old North-West Territory.

Northwest Territories Facts 2: the recent border of Northwest Territories

On 1st April 1999, the recent borderlines for Northwest Territories were applied. Due to the Nunavut Act and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act, Nunavut to the east was formed after Northwest Territories were subdivided. Check facts about the North East of England here.

northwest territories

northwest territories

Northwest Territories Facts 3: the climate

The people who live in Northwest Territories enjoy warmer climate than the ones live in Nunavut for the latter area is dominated with Arctic tundra.

Northwest Territories Facts 4: the borders

Northwest Territories share borders with other areas in Canada. To the south, you can spot Saskatchewan and Alberta. You can spot British Columbia to the southwest, Yukon to the west, and Nunavut to the east.  Look at facts about the Mojave Desert here.

the northwest territories facts

the northwest territories facts

Northwest Territories Facts 5: the geographical features of Northwest Territories

There are various geographical features that you can find in Northwest Territories. It houses the deepest body of water in North America called Great Slave Lake which has the depth at 2,014 feet or 614 meter.

Northwest Territories Facts 6: Great Bear Lake

The largest lake in Canada is located in Northwest Territories. It is Great Bear Lake.

the northwest territories

the northwest territories

Northwest Territories Facts 7: other interesting places to visit in Northwest Territories

If you are in Northwest Territories, you can visit the Nahanni National Park Reserve and the Mackenzie River.

Northwest Territories Facts 8: Mount Nirvana

Mount Nirvana is the highest point in Northwest Territories. The height is measured at 9,098 feet or 2,773 meter.

northwest territories beauty

northwest territories beauty

Northwest Territories Facts 9: the summer season

During the summer season, the north parts have cool and short daytimes. However, the people have to deal with the harsh and long winters.

Northwest Territories Facts 10:  the primary ethnic groups

The North American Indians, English, Canadian, Scottish, Inuit, Irish, Ukrainian, and French are some major ethnic groups in Northwest Territories.

northwest territories pictures

northwest territories pictures

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