10 Interesting Normandy Facts

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Normandy Facts elaborate the French region which is famous with the D-Day invasion. The American people must be aware with Normandy because it was an important place during World War II. Even though Normandy was filled with blood in the past, the region is rich in culture and culinary. Check the following post below if you want to know about Normandy:

Normandy Facts 1: agriculture

The agriculture in Normandy is very famous in French.  It becomes the main economic foundation in French. People can get the famous apple brandy, cider and dairy products from Normandy.

Normandy Facts 2: the coastline

Normandy is famous with its beautiful coastline. It spans on 360 miles. The north area of the coastline is bordered by English Channel.

Normandy Battle

Normandy Battle

Normandy Facts 3: the geography

Besides the coastlines, you can find the limestone cliffs on the east of the Normandy. If you want to know the rich farmland in Normandy, you can visit the famous cities of Rouen, Bayeux and Caen.

Normandy Facts 4: the lush landscape

If you want to know the lush landscape in Normandy, you can get to Seine River. The wooded area in Normandy only occupies 13 percent of the whole area.

Normandy Culinary

Normandy Culinary

Normandy Facts 5: population

Normandy is inhabited by 3.5 million people. The people here only occupy 5 percent of the whole population in France. The area in the region is around 19,000 square miles.

Normandy Facts 6:D-Day

As I have stated before, Normandy is always linked with D-Day.  This historic event occurred on 6 June 1944 where the largest seaborne invasion took place. There were 3 million allied troops crossed the English Channel to come France. Get facts about World War 2 here.

Normandy Facts

Normandy Facts

Normandy Facts 7: the first human being in Normandy

The first human being living in Normandy was in the prehistoric time. This region was a part of ancient Gaul. There were nine separate Gallic tribes in Normandy when Julius Caesar conquered the area in the first century.

Normandy Facts 8: popularity

Based on the popularity, Normandy is called as the second most popular tourist destination in France. The first one is Paris. There are many kinds of places that people can enjoy here such as the memorial, monuments and museums. They are created to honor the battle of Normandy.

Normandy Graves

Normandy Graves

Normandy Facts 9: the Cathedral of Notre Dame

You can view the amazing 200-foto-long Bayeux Tapestry inside the Cathedral of Notre Dame. This tapestry presents the detail about the 1066 Norman invasion of England.

Normandy Facts 10: gardens

There are many gardens that you can visit in Normandy. You can enjoy the beauty of local and exotic plants and flowers.

Normandy Travel

Normandy Travel

Bois des Moutiers is a wonderful garden to visit for it houses the national collection. Please comment on facts about Normandy!

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