10 Interesting Hampshire Facts

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Let me show you some Hampshire facts if you love to know about all cities in England. Even though Hemisphere is not as famous as London, this county is a home to various attractions in the world. You can find the local food, clothes and pubs here. Find out the facts about Hampshire below:

Hampshire Facts 1: Government

Let’s begin the discussion about Hampshire by talking about the government in the city. The county council is the ruler in the county of Hampshire. It is located in Winchester. There are several types of council in the town level in Hampshire.

Hampshire Facts 2: location

If you want to visit this small county in England, you just have to go to the southern coast. This important county is a home to the wonderful coastal area.

Hampshire County

Hampshire County

Hampshire Facts 3: size

Based on the area of Hampshire, It is ranked as the ninth biggest county in England. The size is around 1400 square miles.

Hampshire Facts 4: border

Hampshire is bordered by four counties. Those include Dorset, Wiltshire, and Bulk Shire.

Hampshire England

Hampshire England

Hampshire Facts 5: size of county

In United Kingdom, Hampshire is located as the third largest county.  But in the south east England, it is the largest county.

Hampshire Facts 6: wildlife

The wildlife in Hampshire always attracts the local and foreign tourists.  You can see many kinds of otters in River Test. If you want to know the unique animals when visiting the farm in Hampshire; you can see the ponies of New Forest.

Hampshire facts

Hampshire facts

Hampshire Facts 7: educational system

Just like any other counties in United Kingdom, Hampshire has a good educational system. It is the home to four universities and several colleges.

Hampshire Facts 8: population

The people living in county are around 170,000. It is ranked as the fifth populous county in United Kingdom. People love to live here for it can bring a peaceful and relaxing life.

Hampshire Pic

Hampshire Pic

Hampshire Facts 9: politics

Talking about politics in Hampshire, you need to know that the Hampshire council has 18 parliamentary members. The liberal democrats and Labor have two seats on the parliament. The fourteen seats are the conservative member of the parliament.

Hampshire Facts 10: popular people

There are many popular people living in this county.  Charles Dickens and Jane Austen were born in the county of Hampshire.

Hampshire River

Hampshire River

One of the famous people living here includes Charles Kinsley. Are you fascinated with facts about Hampshire?

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