10 Interesting Svalbard Facts

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Get the interesting information about the Norwegian archipelago in Arctic Ocean on Svalbard Facts. In the past, people call it Spitsbergen. It was the Dutch name of the archipelago. The location of Svalbard is between the North Pole and Continental Northway. It is at the north of mainland Europe. Check other interesting facts about Svalbard below:

Svalbard Facts 1: the large islands in Svalbard

Svalbard has several large islands. The largest one is Spitsbergen.  Others include Nordaustlandet and Edgeøya.

Svalbard Facts 2: the administration of Svalbard

If you think that Svalbard is a part of the Norwegian county, you are wrong. It is considered as an unincorporated area. However, the Norwegian government appoints a governor to administer Svalbard. Longyearbyen is considered as the primary settlement in Svalbard. It has an elected local government since 2002.

Svalbard Image

Svalbard Image

Svalbard Facts 3:the coal mining

In the early 20th century, people began to perform coal mining in Svalbard. Therefore, some permanent settlements were built here.

Svalbard Facts 4: the mining companies

There are two primary mining companies located in Svalbard. Both are the Russian Arktikugol and The Norwegian Store Norske.

Svalbard Pic

Svalbard Pic

Svalbard Facts 5: the main industries in Svalbard

Svalbard relays the economy on tourism and research.  There is no need to wonder that the critical roles in the archipelago is in the hand of Svalbard Global Seed Vault and UNIS or University Centre in Svalbard.

Svalbard Facts 6: the climate

The climate in Svalbard is the Arctic climate. Sometimes, there are some parts of Svalbard which have higher temperature. The temperature in January is around 3 to 10 degree F.  The summer temperature is usually around 39 to 43 degree F. Find facts about Siberia here.

Svalbard Facts

Svalbard Facts

Svalbard Facts 7: the breeding ground

Svalbard is often used as the breeding ground of various bird species. You can also spot numerous animals here such as marine mammals, reindeer, polar bears and arctic fox.

Svalbard Facts 8: the natural environment

The natural environment in Svalbard is well preserved. There are around 23 nature reserves here. The areas take around 2/3 of the whole Svalbard. It also has 7 national parks.

Svalbard Pictures

Svalbard Pictures

Svalbard Facts 9: the landscape

What about the landscape of Svalbard? Svalbard contains various fjords, mountains and glaciers. Find facts about Sicily here.

Svalbard Facts 10: polar bear

Do you know the iconic symbol of Svalbard? It is polar bear. When the tourists visit Svalbard, they will always want to know the polar bear.



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