10 Interesting Kilauea Facts

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Kilauea facts present the interesting ideas about the mountain located in the Big Island of Hawaii. When you hear the word Hawaii, you will always associate it with the tropical paradise. This island is wonderful with Great Island and beaches. Here are the interesting facts about Kilauea:

Kilauea Facts 1: the youngest volcano

As I have stated before Kilauea is located in the Big Island of Hawaii. It is considered as the youngest one of five volcanoes located in the island.

Kilauea Facts 2: word

Kilauea is derived from the Hawaiian language. It means much spreading or spewing.  The name was given because Kilauea is considered as one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The legend in Hawaii states that Kilauea is the home of the goddess of fire named Pele.

Kilauea Eruption

Kilauea Eruption

Kilauea Facts 3: formation

It is not easy to decide the exact date’s formation of Mount Kilauea.  Some geologists state that the mountain probably was formed around 300,000 to 600,000 years ago.

Kilauea Facts 4: a shield volcano

Kilauea is considered as a shield volcano.  This volcano is characterized by the gentle and large mass of slopes.

Kilauea facts

Kilauea facts

Kilauea Facts 5: President Roosevelt

In July 1934, President Roosevelt came to Hawaii. He is considered as the first US president to come to crater of Kilauea. He also offered a bunch of ohelo berries to the goddess of fire, Pele in the crater of Kilauea during his stay in Hawaii. Read Franklin D Roosevelt facts here.

Kilauea Facts 6: eruption

This volcano erupted in September 1934 after the president made his first visit in the crater.  In 1952, the mountain erupted again.

Kilauea Hawaii

Kilauea Hawaii

Kilauea Facts 7: “Drive-in” volcano

“Drive-in” volcano is the nickname of Kilauea. People call it as a drive in because of the ease of approach when climbing to the crater.  There were 80 people killed when Kilauea erupted in 1790.

Kilauea Facts 8: the famous eruptions

The most famous eruption of Kilauea was in 1959. At that time, the 1900 feet lava fountain spread around the air. Compared to the Washington monument, it was three times higher.

Kilauea Pic

Kilauea Pic

Kilauea Facts 9:1983 eruption

On 3 January 1983, Kilauea erupted again. It is considered as the most recent eruption. That’s why; this mountain is included as one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Kilauea Facts 10: damage of Kilauea eruption 1983

Even though no one was killed during the eruption in 1983, there were many homes damaged during the disaster. The lava made the highways closed down.



Even though Hawaii is the home to some active volcanoes, people are still interested to come to the island and enjoy their tropical vacation. Do you have any opinion on facts about Kilauea?

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