10 Interesting Cornwall Facts

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Cornwall facts present the ideas about one of the interesting counties located in southwest area of Great Britain. When you like to enjoy a new coastal area, you need to go to this country. This area extends from the sea as a peninsula. You will love to stay in the country for a week due to the refreshing air. Here are some fascinating facts about Cornwall:

Cornwall Facts 1: name

Do you know the origin of Cornwall name? It was derived from the words, Cornovii and Waelas. The people in Great Britain translate it as the city of strangers or hill dwellers.

Cornwall Facts 2: coastline

As I have stated before, the most southwest location of Great Britain is occupied by Cornwall.  This country also receives the name of the longest coastline in the country. The length of the coastline is around 433 miles. It will take few weeks if you want to walk along the coastlines in Cornwall.

Cornwall Coatslines

Cornwall Coatslines

Cornwall Facts 3: population

Can you guess the population of the people living in Cornwall? It is estimated that the county is inhabited by 535,300 people. Find another interesting city in Coventry facts.

Cornwall Facts 4: port

The major port in Cornwall is located in Falmouth docks. The administrative center of the Cornwall is located in Truro. It is considered as the only city in the county.

Cornwall facts

Cornwall facts

Cornwall Facts 5: climate

The people living in Cornwall are very comfortable with the weather. Compared to any other areas in Great Britain, you will enjoy a sunnier and warmed weather. You will love to stay here when the rest areas in GB are in cold season. That’s why Cornwall is famous as a beach destination in GB.

Cornwall Facts 6: visitors

Cornwall is very well-known. In a year, it can attract over 5 million local and foreign tourists. Other attractions that you can have are the ice cream and cows attraction. People are amazed with the number of cows in the county. It is estimated that this county is the home to 75,000 cows.

Cornwall GB

Cornwall GB

Cornwall Facts 7: tin

In the past, Cornwall is very famous with its tin production. It was estimated that half of the world’s tin produced by Cornwall in 1900s.

Cornwall Facts 8: the biggest Cornish pasty

The biggest Cornish pasty was recorded in Cornwall. It was a team of baker from Bodmin who can broke the record. They created a pasty in 1,1750,00 calories with the weight of 1900 pounds.

Cornwall View

Cornwall View

Cornwall Facts 9: surfers

If you are a great surfer and want to enjoy a new challenge, you need to go to the villages of Newquay and Porthtowan. Both are considered as the most popular surfing destination.

Cornwall Facts 10: cream teas

One of the famous foods in Cornwall is cream tea. People like to serve the cream tea with sweet break roll or a Cornish split. Gte more place to visit in Cheddar Gorge facts.



Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles is the Duchess of Cornwall. Actually she should earn the Princess of Wales. However, she selected the Duchess of Cornwall to respect Diana. Are you satisfied with facts about Cornwall?

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