10 Interesting the First Crusade Facts

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If you are interested to know the initial crusade, check The First Crusade Facts. The first Crusade took place in 1095. The soldiers were under the order of Pope Urban II.  The main objective was to recapture the Holy Lands. This event took place in 1096 until 1099. The initial act was noted by having extensive pilgrimage. Then the Roman Catholics in Europe started their military expedition to take over Holy Lands. At that time, the Holy Lands were under the control of Muslim. Here are several interesting facts about the First Crusade:

The First Crusade Facts 1: Pope Urban II

Pope Urban II launched the first crusade on November 27th, 1095. Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos asked a help from the Pope because he wanted to deter the Seljuk Turks. Therefore, the Emperor needed more volunteers to become his soldiers.

The First Crusade Facts 2: the additional goal

Actually there was an additional objective of this event. At first, the Christians wanted to drive back the Seljuk Turks. Then they decided to take over the Holy Lands which soon become the main objective of the war. They also had the intention to eliminate the Muslim rule on the Eastern Christians.

The First Crusade Facts

The First Crusade Facts

The First Crusade Facts 3: the people involved in the first crusade

The people involved in the first crusade were mostly from Western Europe. They were serfs, peasants, and knights.

The First Crusade Facts 4: reaching the site

These people had a very long journey to reach Constantinople and Jerusalem. They took the land and sea.

The First Crusade History

The First Crusade History

The First Crusade Facts 5: capturing Jerusalem

In July 1099, Jerusalem was captured by the crusaders after they launched a siege in the city.

The First Crusade Facts 6: the states

After they got the city, the Kingdom of Jerusalem was established.  It featured several states such as County of Edessa, Principality of Antioch and County of Tripoli. Find facts about the English Civil War here.

The First Crusade Pic

The First Crusade Pic

The First Crusade Facts 7: the other crusades

The first crusade was only an initial crusade. Actually it continued until the 9th crusade.

The First Crusade Facts 8: the success

The first crusade was successful. At that time several participants went home before they reached Jerusalem. Others decided not to participate in the event. Due to the success, those were scorned by the people.

The First Crusade Facts 9: King of Jerusalem

The first title of King of Jerusalem was for Baldwin of Edessa. Get facts about the Feudal System here.

The First Crusade Facts 10: heroes

The crusaders who were still alive after the war were considered as heroes in his homeland.

The First Crusade

The First Crusade

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