10 Interesting Black Plague Facts

Wednesday, August 7th 2013. | History

Black plague facts give you the information about the epidemic plague which kills more than 60 percent of the European population. This plague occurred in 1348 to 1351 in Europe. The exact number of the people died on the plague is not known due to the limited sources. Many scientists estimate the three were more than 200 million people died because of black plague. Here is the detail information about black plague facts.

Black Plague Facts 1: Black plague

Many people call the black plague in different term. Some people call it the Great Mortality, the Black Death and the Pestilence.

Black Plague Facts 2: Period

The black plague happened in the medieval era. Many people did not know when the plague began. But it finished in 1351. The plagues occurred for several years and killed many people in Europe.

Black Plague facts

Black Plague facts

Black Plague Facts 3: Shortage of Food

The shortage of food occurred during the black plague. The torrential rain and cold weather made their crops die. Thus, people can only get limited amount of food to eat.  The human being and animal cannot live without any crops. Thus, most of them migrate to the cities to stay away from the disease. If you want to know another interesting history, check vampire facts.

Black Plague Facts 4: Rumor of the Plagues

There was a rumor about the widespread of the plague. In 1346, people thought that the plague began in China and affected other parts of the world such as Egypt, Persia, Asia, Syria, and India. The rumor also stated that the people living in India were killed because of this plague.

Black Plague Painting

Black Plague Painting

Black Plague Facts 5: Tatars

The history stated that Tatars spread the diseases in to the Genoese city of Kaffa in 1347.  They threw a body of plague victim which spread the disease around the city.

Black Plague Facts 6: A Fleet of Genoese Trading Ships

A fleet of Genoese trading ships was landed in Sicily in November 1347. In the ship, there were several dying sailors and dead people which had been infected by black strange diseases.  The armpit, neck and groin turned black. Battle of Shiloh facts give you history about war in US.

Black Plague

Black Plague

Black Plague Facts 7: This Spreading Of Plague

The plagues reached England, Norway, and Bergen in May 1349. The crew and passengers of the ship died after they reached Bergen.

Black Plague Facts 8: Yersinia Pestis

Yersinia pestis or Y pestis is expected to be the main cause of the plague occurred in Europe. Many experts agree about it.  It is a bacillus living on rodents and rats which carried by fleas.

Hand Plague

Hand Plague

Black Plague Facts 9: Study of Tooth Pulp

A study of tooth pulp published in November 2000 stated that there is a presence of Yersinia pestis in the three victims of French plague.

Black Plague Facts10: Varieties of Plague

There were three varieties of plagues caused by Yersinia pestis.  Those are bubonic plague, pneumonic plague and septicemic plague. The last one is the fatal disease.



If people were infected by septicemiuc plague, the mortality rate is 100 percent. The bubonic plague has the mortality rate around 30 to 75 percent. What do you think on facts about black plague?

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