10 Interesting the Feudal System Facts

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If you want to know about the system flourished during the ninth and fifteenth century, check The Feudal System Facts. During the medieval Europe, it is considered as a combination of military and legal customs. It was used to define the structure of European society. There are 3 important concepts which revive around feudalism. Those are the fiefs, vassals and lords. Here are other interesting facts about feudal system to notice:

The Feudal System Facts 1: feudalism and medieval society

Whether feudalism can be used to define the life of the people during the medieval era is still on the current discussions among the historians.

The Feudal System Facts 2: decentralization of an empire

The decentralization of an empire resulted the feudal system in the society.

Feudal System Facts

Feudal System Facts

The Feudal System Facts 3: the 3 important concepts

There are three important concepts proposed by François-Louis Ganshof. Those are lords, vassals, and fiefs. The latter one was the land. The lord was a noble who owned the land. The lord would grant the possession of the land to the people called the vassals. Because the vassals could use the land, they should pay back to the lord.

The Feudal System Facts 4: the feudal relationship

The feudal relationship was spotted based on the usage of the fief by the lord and vassal. Find facts about medieval history here.

Feudal System Pic

Feudal System Pic

The Feudal System Facts 5: when to get the fief or land

The person should become a vassal before the lord granted a possession of the land on a person. A commendation ceremony should be conducted as a formal ceremony. It featured the oath of fealty and act of homage as the two parts of ceremony.

The Feudal System Facts 6: the act of homage

There was a contract that the vassal should follow in the act of homage.  The lord gave the protection for the vassal from any external forces as long as the vassal was ready to fight for him. Check facts about medieval England here.

The Feudal System

The Feudal System

The Feudal System Facts 7: the oath of fealty

The oath of fealty means that the vassal would remain loyal and devoted to the lord.

The Feudal System Facts 8: the military service

The military service was the main obligation that the vassal should do in return to the fief that he used.

The Feudal System Facts

The Feudal System Facts

The Feudal System Facts 9: the end of feudal system

The feudal system ended in 1500 in most parts of Western Europe. In 1850s, feudal system was spotted in several areas in Eastern and Central Europe.

The Feudal System Facts 10: feudalism in Russia

In 1861, feudalism or serfdom was completely erased in Russia.

Feudal System Image

Feudal System Image

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