10 Interesting Rhode Island Colony Facts

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Rhode Island Colony Facts talk about the history of Rhode Island. You will be informed with the economics, religions, government and the famous people in the Rhode Island in the past. This colony is situated in Atlantic coast of North America. It is one of the original 13 colonies in US. Get more facts about Rhode Island colony below:

Rhode Island Colony Facts 1: classification

There are 3 geographic areas which divided the 13 original colonies of United States. Those were the Southern, Middle and New England colonies.  Based on the geographical areas, Rhode Island colony was included in New England Colonies.

Rhode Island Colony Facts 2: Province of Rhode Island

Province of Rhode Island was occurred in 1636 till 1776. It was one of the English colonies in North America. Then it became one of the US states after this province joined the rebellion against Great Britain.

Rhode Island Colony Facts

Rhode Island Colony Facts

Rhode Island Colony Facts 3: Roger Williams

Roger Williams is one of the founders of Rhode Island colony.  Other colonists who contributed to the establishment of Rhode Island colony included Anne Hutchinson.  This colony was founded in 1636.

Rhode Island Colony Facts 4: the name

Adrian Block was a Dutch explorer who named the Rhode Island, Roodt Eylandt. It means Red Island. The name of the island was used to refer the red clay on the shore of Rhode Island. When the area was under the British, the name was changed again.

Rhode Island Colony History

Rhode Island Colony History

Rhode Island Colony Facts 5: the major city

The major city of Rhode Island is Providence. It is located on the lowlands and flat rolling hills. The rocky soil in Rhode Island made it difficult for the people to grow crops. But it contained river and thick trees.

Rhode Island Colony Facts 6: industries

The major industries in Rhode Island colony were the agriculture which included the fishing, dairy and livestock. The fish produced from the island include whales, bass, halibut, cod, herring and mackerel. Get facts about Rhode Island here.

Rhode Island Colony

Rhode Island Colony

Rhode Island Colony Facts 7: climate

The climate of Rhode Island was considered as the coldest one. However, the area had less disease compared to other warmer colonies in US.

Rhode Island Colony Facts 8: the religion

The people who lived in Rhode Island colony did not have any religious freedom because most of the people who lived here were the puritans.

Facts about Rhode Island Colony

Facts about Rhode Island Colony

Rhode Island Colony Facts 9: the government

Rhode Island was a Charter Colony in 1775. Get facts about Portsmouth here.

Rhode Island Colony Facts 10: natural resources

There were various kinds of natural resources in Rhode Island. Those included whales, fish and forest.

History of Rhode Island Colony

History of Rhode Island Colony

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