10 Interesting French Revolution Facts

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Study more about the history by reading the whole French revolution facts. French revolution is one of the main events which marked the freedom.   People were very angry because their life was defined through the status in the society.  Find out the inspiring facts in the following post below:

French Revolution Facts 1: date of French revolution

It was in 1789 to 1799 that French revolution occurred in France.

French Revolution Facts 2: the quality of life

The poor people in France discriminated for centuries because they quality of life was determined by the status.   If you were born in poor family, you would be poor all of the time even though you tried hard. The people born in rich family would always be rich.

French Revolution Cover

French Revolution Cover

French Revolution Facts 3: survival

At that time only 3 percent of the people live in wealth. 97 per cent of the french people live in poverty. They had to struggle to gain food and shelter.

French Revolution Facts 4: resentment

Resentment was occurred since there was a gap between the poor and rich people. Even though the poor people worked hard, they still lived in poverty. On the other hand, the rich people became richer.

French Revolution Facts

French Revolution Facts

French Revolution Facts 5: inspiration

The French people got their inspiration to perform a French revolution after the American people declared their independence from the British colonies.

French Revolution Facts 6: rebel

This rebel in France occurred in 1776 when the group of the people in poverty wanted equalities in France.

French Revolution Pic

French Revolution Pic

French Revolution Facts 7: American Revolution

The aristocracies in Europe were very powerful. The poor people such as the stricken peasants wanted the power to fall off after they saw the wonderful American Revolution.

French Revolution Facts 8: fair society

The purpose of this rebellion of the poor people to fight against the scenery was to give the European people more fair society.

French Revolution Image

French Revolution Image

French Revolution Facts 9: Reign of Terror

The poor people lived in a fear during the Reign of Terror. They did not want to be accused as a traitor so that they kept silent. The punishment for the traitor was beheaded in a guillotine.

French Revolution Facts 10: reformation

The desire to have the reformation on the system of scenery should give the people the right for democracy, citizenship and undeniable right.

French Revolution

French Revolution

Even though the French revolution failed, it is the start of the ancient structure elimination in Europe after the revolution and Napoleonic wars. Are you inspired with facts about French revolution?

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