10 Interesting the British Monarchy Facts

Tuesday, March 1st 2016. | History

The British Monarchy Facts talk about the monarchy of United Kingdom. This monarchy is constitutional. It applies not only in Great Britain but also in the overseas territories of UK. The title of the female monarch is queen, while king is used to call the title of the male monarch. If you want to know more about the British monarchy, check the following post below:

The British Monarchy Facts 1: the current head of state and monarch

Can you tell me the current head of state or Monarch of United Kingdom? She is Queen Elizabeth II. On 6 February 1952, her father King George VI died and left the throne of Britain for her.

The British Monarchy Facts 2: the duties

There are numerous ceremonial, official, representational and diplomatic duties conducted by the monarch and his family. Find facts about British Empire here.

The British Monarchy Facts

The British Monarchy Facts

The British Monarchy Facts 3: the British Armed Forces

The British Armed Forces is under the command of the monarch by tradition. Since the power of the monarch is limited based on the constitution, he or she does not have any power to appoint the Prime Minister or even bestow the honors.

The British Monarchy Facts 4: the origin of British monarchy

Let’s find out the origin of British monarchy. In the beginning of medieval Scotland and Anglo-Saxon England, it was only minor kingdoms. In 10th century AD, it emerged as a kingdom of England and Scotland. Check facts about British Isles here.

The British Monarchy Image

The British Monarchy Image

The British Monarchy Facts 5: Harold II

Harold II was the last crowned Anglo-Saxon monarch in 1066. During the Norman conquest of England, he was defeated and killed. Then William the Conqueror and his descendants owned the English monarchy.

The British Monarchy Facts 6: Wales

The English Kingdom had a client state, Wales in 13th century. The political power of English monarch was reduced by Magna Carta.

Facts about The British Monarchy

Facts about The British Monarchy

The British Monarchy Facts 7: King James VI

The English and Scottish kingdoms were ruled under one sovereign state after King James VI; the Scottish monarch got the English throne as James I in 1603.

The British Monarchy Facts 8: the War of the Three Kingdoms

Because of the War of the Three Kingdoms, the republican Commonwealth of England broke the tradition of Monarchy in 1649 until 1660.

The British Monarchy

The British Monarchy

The British Monarchy Facts 9: Kingdom of Great Britain

The Kingdom of Scotland and England decided to merge into one kingdom called Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707.

The British Monarchy Facts 10: Kingdom of Ireland

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was established in 1801 after Kingdom of Ireland decided to join.

The British Monarchy Pictures

The British Monarchy Pictures

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