10 Interesting Coastal Erosion Facts

Wednesday, December 11th 2013. | Environment

Coastal Erosion facts are very common to discuss among people. Well, the fact is that people may always look for the idea to understand better about it. Coastal erosion is very troublesome. It is considered as the natural problem. Therefore, learning about it may become so much helpful.

Coastal Erosion Facts 1: about coastal erosion

The main meaning of coastal erosion is the land erosion or removal. What makes it different to other erosion is the location. Like the name implies, the erosion is located around the beach. There are also cases where the erosion occurs around dune sediments.

Coastal Erosion Facts 2: causes

There are different causes of coastal erosion. Mostly causes are wind, waves, storms, and even terrible motor craft. It makes the problem around the coastal sediments which may cause temporary redistribution. It means the cause can be abrasion, hydraulic actions, and others.

Coast Erosion

Coast Erosion

Coastal Erosion Facts 3: the study

People can learn about the study of erosion or redistribution of sediment. The study is called as coastal morphodynamics.

Coastal Erosion Facts 4: rock formation

If you visit non rocky beaches, the erosion results in different rock formations. The erosion can occur within the fracture zones as well as the rock layers. The rule is that softer area gains more erosion quicker than the harder part. The result can become tunnels, pillars, columns, and also bridges.

Coastal Erosion Accident

Coastal Erosion Accident

Coastal Erosion Facts 5: abrasion by nature

The abrasion can occur in certain coastal area which has strong soft rocks, loose sand, and also wind. The sharp sand blowing may result in the effect of sandblasting. It may shape the rocks, erode, or also polish it.

Coastal Erosion Facts 6: hydraulic actions

There is a term called hydraulic action. It occurs when the waves may strike the cliff face. The crack can develop even becoming a cave. The major result are the exert pressure.

Coastal Erosion facts

Coastal Erosion facts

Coastal Erosion Facts 7: attrition

There is also attrition. This abrasion occurs whenever there are waves loosing rock debris. The land becomes smaller, rounder, and smoother as the time goes by. People call this as sandpapering actually.

Coastal Erosion Facts 8:  corrosion

People call corrosion as abrasion as well. It happens when the waves strike cliff faces and later may erode it. People may call it as attrition as well as same wave action.

Coastal Erosion

Coastal Erosion

Coastal Erosion Facts 9: corrosion

Another important wave action is corrosion. It is chemical weathering. It occurs when the sea’s pH strike the cliff face.  Higher pH may cause higher rate of abrasion actually.

Coastal Erosion Facts 10: factors

There are many factors of abrasion. The primary one is the stability of the foreshore.

house on cliff

house on cliff

Reading facts about Coastal Erosion is a must for any people. Therefore, you can obtain better information from the facts above.

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