10 Interesting the Colour Blue Facts

Sunday, April 3rd 2016. | Science

The Colour Blue Facts talk about an interesting color in the color wheel. When people see blue, they always associate it with the relaxing, peaceful and tranquil color. The people can perceive the blue tone if it comes in the wavelength around 450 to 495 nanometers. In the optical spectrum of visible light, blue is the color between violet and green. It may appear a little green or even violet depending on the wavelength and frequency. Check other interesting facts about the color blue below:

The Colour Blue Facts 1: the green look

The blue color may look a little green if it has a longer wavelength and lower frequency. On the other hand, it may appear violet if you perceive it in a shorter wavelength and higher frequency.  If the wavelength is located at 470 nanometers, you can spot the pure blue tone.

The Colour Blue Facts 2: the color theory

Blue is considered as one of the primary colors in the traditional color theory and painting.  The other primary colors include yellow and red. You can get green by mixing yellow and blue. If you want to form violet, you can mix blue and red.

The Colour Blue Pic

The Colour Blue Pic

The Colour Blue Facts 3: the RGB color model

In the RGB color mode, blue is also considered as a primary color. Do you know that the computer monitor and television screen can produce different types of colors by using blue tone?

The Colour Blue Facts 4: the word blue

The word blue is taken from the Old High German word bloat, Old French bleu and Middle English blewe or bleu.

Facts about The Colour Blue

Facts about The Colour Blue

The Colour Blue Facts 5: Rayleigh scattering

Rayleigh scattering is an important subject to notice because it helps you to understand the optical effect which makes the deep ocean and clear sky look blue. Get facts about Caribbean Sea here.

The Colour Blue Facts 6: the blue eyes

If you think that the people who have blue eyes have blue pigments on them, you are wrong. Due to the atmospheric perspective, the distant object appears blue.

The Colour Blue

The Colour Blue

The Colour Blue Facts 7: the usage of blue

Since the ancient time, the people had used the blue color for various purposes. It has been used for a clothing dye, decoration or even art.

The Colour Blue Facts 8: lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is considered as the semi precious tone which resembles the blue shade. In ancient Egypt, it was used for ornament and jewelry. Then it was used to create ultramarine. It was an expensive pigment used during the Renaissance.

The Colour Blue Facts

The Colour Blue Facts

The Colour Blue Facts 9: the cobalt blue

The cathedrals during the middle Ages were often decorated with cobalt blue stained glass windows. Get facts about the Colour Wheel here.

The Colour Blue Facts 10: porcelains

There were various porcelains in ancient china created using the blue and white tone combination.

The Colour Blue House

The Colour Blue House

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