10 Interesting Speed Facts

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015. | Science

Speed Facts talk about the measurement to know how fast an object moves. There is a formula that you need to note if you want to measure the speed. It is distance/ time. In our everyday life, people often used the world velocity and speed interchangeable. However, if you check both terms in physics, both are different. The speed does not have any direction. Therefore, it is called as the scalar quantity or magnitude. Here are some interesting facts about speed:

Speed Facts 1: miles per hour

Many people think that miles per hour or mph are used for speed. It is true for US often use it to measure the speed or a vehicle. However, meter per second is always used as the standard unit of measurement for speed.

Speed Facts 2: the scalar quantities

There are two scalar quantities reflected from speed. Both are the average speed and the instantaneous speed.

facts about Speed

facts about Speed

Speed Facts 3: Instantaneous Speed

Instantaneous Speed is defined as the speed at a given moment. When you ride the car, you can speed it up or slow it down even though you drive it at 40 miles per hour. Check speed skating factshttps://www.myinterestingfacts.com/speed-skating-facts/ here.

Speed Facts 4: the difference between speed and velocity

In Physics, speed and velocity are two different states. The scalar quantity is reflected in speed, while the vector quantity is represented by velocity. When you talk about velocity, it should include the speed and direction.

Speed facts

Speed facts

Speed Facts 5: the speed of light

The speed light is considered as the fastest possible speed in the world. The light has the speed at 299,792,458 meters per second. Get facts about space travel here.

Speed Facts 6: Galileo

Galileo is considered as the first scientist to provide the speed measurement as distance over time.

Speed Pic

Speed Pic

Speed Facts 7: the speedometer

If you have a motorized vehicle, you can check the speedometer if you want to know the instantaneous speed.

Speed Facts 8: the speed of sound

Can you guess the speed of sound in the dry air? It is rated at 343.2 m per s.  If we talk about the speed of light, you can also write it 186,282 m per s.



Speed Facts 9: the fastest animal on land

The fastest animal on land is cheetah. The speed of cheetah when hunting is very impressive. It can reach 64 miles per hour.

Speed Facts 10: other animals

Other animals with impressive speed include the Atlantic sailfish and peregrine falcons. The former one can reach 68 miles per hour in the water. The latter one can reach 200 mile per hour when flying.

Speed Picture

Speed Picture

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