10 Interesting DNA Facts

Tuesday, December 31st 2013. | Science

DNA facts bring the information about the nucleic acid codes for the generic makeup on human being.  Most people know that DNA can be used to know whether a boy or a girl is your biological kid or not. Since DNA cannot be manipulated. Find out more fact about DNA here:

DNA Facts 1: building blocks

There are four building blocks which are the compound of DNA. Those include guanine, cytosine, nucleotides adenine, and thymine. Even though DNA only consists of four blocks, the codes of information inside a living origination can be found here.

DNA Facts 2: human DNA

You have to know that 99 percent of our DNA is similar with other DNA of human.

DNA Cells

DNA Cells

DNA Facts 3: length of DNA

It is a surprising fact that DNA actually is very long.  The length of human DNA can reach the earth and sun back over for 600 times if you extend all DNA molecules.

DNA Facts 4: parents and children

DNA is the best way to identify whether a boy or girl is your biological children or not.  Parents and their biological children shared 99.5 percent similar DNA codes.

DNA facts

DNA facts

DNA Facts 5: chimpanzee

It seems that human being has a very close relation with chimpanzee.  We have 98 percent similar DNA codes with this intelligent animal.

DNA Facts 6: human genome

The human genome is not easy to decode. You need to type a lot of words to make it done. Imagine that you can work in eight hours day. Each minute, you can type 60 words. To type all of the human genome, you have to spend 50 years.

dna structure

dna structure

DNA Facts 7: mud worm

A study conducted by some scientists in University of Cambridge stated that human being had a close relation with mud worm. Compared to cockroach, octopus and spider, human being is related more to this mud word which is included as invertebrate genetic animal.

DNA Facts 8: cabbage

Not only human and animals have DNA. You can also see this genetic code on a cabbage. Human being and cabbage only shares 30 to 40 percent common DNA.



DNA Facts 9: Friedrich Miescher

When we learn about DNA, the name Friedrich Miescher always comes to my mind. In 1869, this man discovered DNA. However, the people at that time were not aware that the genetic material inside the cell was DNA. In 1943 people realized it.

DNA Facts 10: fragile molecules

DNA can be error for some reasons. The main causes of the damage can be the ultraviolet light and foods.



If you want to stay healthy, you need to protect the body from the UV A and UV B. The damage sometimes can be repaired. Are you surprised with facts about DNA?

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