10 Interesting Morse Code Facts

Friday, August 8th 2014. | Science

If you love to know the code system use in the telegraphic communication, you need to read Morse Code Facts.  When talking about Morse code, it always reminds you with Samuel Morse, Morse Key history and Morse telegraph history. Here are the detail facts about Morse code:

Morse code Facts 1: communication

Until this present day, Morse code is still used for communication. If you are in a scout, you will learn this Morse code.

Morse code Facts 2: Victorian Internet

Morse code is also called as Victorian Internet. It is due to the fact that the code can be applied in most areas in the world. It was used by the people to send messages in many years.

Morse Code Facts

Morse Code Facts

Morse code Facts 3: inventor

Do you know the inventor of Morse code? It was made by Samuel Finley Breese Morse. He was born on 27 April 1791 and passed away on 2 April 1872 at the age of 81 years old.

Morse code Facts 4: early life of Samuel Morse

Before he was famous as an inventor of Morse code, he worked as an inventor and artist. Not many people realize that Samuel Morse was one of the foremost portrait painters in USA.

Morse Code Machine

Morse Code Machine

Morse code Facts 5: personal life

Let’s talk a bit about the personal life of Samuel Morse. He married twice.  His first wife was Lucretia Pickering Walker who died at the age of 25. Then he married to Sarah Elizabeth Griswold. Morse had some children such as James Morse, Charles Morse, and Edward Morse.

Morse code Facts 6: the first message of Morse code

The first message of Morse code was sent on 24 May 1844 in the distance of 40 miles. The end of the first message point was in Washington and Baltimore. The content of this message was “What hath God Wrought”.

Morse Code Story

Morse Code Story

Morse code Facts 7: the first telegraph line

Because of his first message invention using Morse code, the US congress granted him $30,000 for the fund of the first telegraph line.

Morse code Facts 8: fastest speed

Andrei Bindasov from Belarus got the record of the fastest Morse code speed. He transmitted 216 Morse code for one minute on 6 May 2003.  It contained mixed text.

Morse Code

Morse Code

Morse code Facts 9: International Morse code

The international Morse code was adopted by the world in accordance with the American Morse code in 1851. Find out another great invention in Louis Braille facts.

Morse code Facts 10: Stearns duplx system

Stearns duplx system which enabled two messages to send at the same time was developed in 1872. It made the associated press closed the last Morse wire in 1930.

Samuel Morse

Samuel Morse

In 1999, The International Distress Signals did not use any Morse code anymore. Do you want to say something on facts about Morse code?

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