10 Interesting Tellurium Facts

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Tellurium Facts tell you about the chemical element with the symbol Te. It has the atomic number 52. The element is the silver white metalloid. It is mildly toxic. Tellurium has the brittle texture. The chemical properties of tellurium remind the people with sulfur and selenium. It is easier for the people to find tellurium in the universe than on earth. Check other facts about tellurium below:

Tellurium Facts 1: Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstein

Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstein discovered tellurium in 1782 in Habsburg Empire. He found the element inside the mineral which had gold and tellurium.

Tellurium Facts 2: the name

In 1798, the new element was named tellurium by Martin Heinrich Klaproth. It was taken from the Latin word, tellus which means earth.



Tellurium Facts 3: the gold compound

The most natural gold compound in the world is the gold telluride mineral. However, it is not considered as the primary compound to produce tellurium. This element is mainly produced from the waste of lead and copper.

Tellurium Facts 4: the main uses of tellurium

Tellurium is mainly used during the production of alloys.   It is used to increase the machinability of the copper and steel. Check facts about silver here.

Tellurium Image

Tellurium Image

Tellurium Facts 5: other usages

The manufacturing industries also use a small amount of tellurium during the production of semiconductor material and CdTe solar panels. Get Technetium Facts here.

Tellurium Facts 6: the biological function

Tellurium does not have any biological function. But fungi can use tellurium to create amino acid when tellurium is incorporated with selenium and sulfur.

Tellurium Pic

Tellurium Pic

Tellurium Facts 7: the allotropes of tellurium

There are two types of allotropes of tellurium. Both are the amorphous and crystalline. The amorphous one has the black brown color. It comes in powdery look. The crystalline one is available in silver white color. It has a metallic cluster in the pure condition.

Tellurium Facts 8: a semiconductor

Tellurium is included as a semiconductor.  The atomic alignment determines the electrical conductivity. When the element is heavily exposed to light, the conductivity is improved.

Tellurium Photo

Tellurium Photo

Tellurium Facts 9: the corrosive material

Tellurium is corrosive to stainless steel, iron and copper if it comes in molten state.

Tellurium Facts 10: the boiling and melting point

The boiling point of tellurium is 1,810 °F or 1,261 K. The melting point is 841.12 °F or 722.66 K.

Tellurium Facts

Tellurium Facts

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