10 Interesting the Colour Wheel Facts

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Are you interested to learn The Colour Wheel Facts? You will be informed with the abstract illustrative organization of colors. People often call it as color circle too. When you check the color wheels, you can relate the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Even though the term color circle or even color wheel is often used synonymously, both can be different in certain cases. Let’s check other interesting facts about color wheels below:

The Colour Wheel Facts 1: the term color wheel

The filter wheels or color tops are included as the mechanical rotating devices. They are considered as color wheel. The other people use the term color wheel to call the color scale varieties, color chart and color disc.

The Colour Wheel Facts 2: the primary colors

If you check the RYB color model, the red, yellow and blue colors are considered as the primary colors. In the color wheel, they are created at three equal spaces. Get facts about tattoo here.

The Colour Wheel Clothes

The Colour Wheel Clothes

The Colour Wheel Facts 3: the subtractive primary colors

Magenta, yellow and cyan are considered as the subtractive primary colors by the printers. The color mixtures in the color wheel can be seen in the intermediate and interior points.

The Colour Wheel Facts 4: the center of gravity

Black is considered as the center of gravity in the color wheel. This color is used to show that all colors of light in the color wheel are absorbed here. Check facts about surrealism here.

The Colour Wheel Facts

The Colour Wheel Facts

The Colour Wheel Facts 5: the color circle

If you look at the color circle, the center of the gravity is not on black, but on the white or gray tone. Both are used because they are used to represent the wavelengths of light.

The Colour Wheel Facts 6: the paint of artists

Most artists use blue, red and yellow primary colors in their pigment color wheel. The orange, green, and purple are used as their secondary colors.

Facts about The Colour Wheel

Facts about The Colour Wheel

The Colour Wheel Facts 7: what are the tertiary colors?

Can you mention some examples of the tertiary colors? Those include blue–green, blue–violet, yellow–green, red–violet, yellow–orange and red–orange.

The Colour Wheel Facts 8: the arrangement of color wheel

You can find 3 primary colors, 3 secondary colors and 6 intermediates in most types of color wheels.

The Colour Wheel

The Colour Wheel

The Colour Wheel Facts 9: the lighting condition

The lighting condition makes the object appear differently. Due to the chromatic adaptation, the difference can be adapted by the visual system of human being.

The Colour Wheel Facts 10: the optical illusion

The optical illusion appears when the visual system of human being misleads the colors.

The Colour Wheel Theory

The Colour Wheel Theory

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