10 Interesting Friction Facts

Monday, February 3rd 2014. | Science

If you love physics, study a lot about friction facts. Without friction, it will be uneasy of a certain object to stay on its position without being slipped. You can see why the sol of your shoes is created in uneven surface. It is used to protect you from being fall by having the big friction between the shoes and the walk way surface. Let’s find out more about friction in the post below:

Friction Facts 1: definition of friction

Let’s define friction first. When one object rubs to another and it has a resistance occurred from the motion, it is called friction. The friction acts in different direction.

Friction Facts 2: how friction occurs

The friction will occur when there are two objects rubbing each other.

Friction facts

Friction facts

Friction Facts 3: friction and energy

In physics, friction has something to do with energy. If there are two objects rubbing each other and one of them is sliding, it is means that it loses the energy.

Friction Facts 4: kinetic energy

The energy here is not real. It is called the kinetic energy. This moving energy will be transformed into heat energy.

Friction Fire

Friction Fire

Friction Facts 5: rubbing your hands

As I have state before you can get heat when there are two objects rubbing each other. Therefore, when you get colder when spending time in outdoor situation at night, you rub your hands. When you produce friction, it means you generate heat.

Friction Facts 6: how to reduce friction

Sometimes people want to reduce friction to make some objects easy to move. Look at your wheel or ball. If the friction is big, it will be easy for both items to roll over. That’s why to reduce the friction is by using oil or grease.

Friction Image

Friction Image

Friction Facts 7: lubricants

Oil and grease are some lubricants that people use today for many kinds of engines and machines. The surface area is very smooth because the friction is reduced.

Friction Facts 8: low surface area

Another way that people use to reduce the friction is by having the object in low amount of surface area. Look at your ice skates.  There is a little friction between the ice and skate because it has a very thin blade.

Friction Pic

Friction Pic

Friction Facts 9: benefit of friction

Friction gives people many benefits. It can give you heat. Moreover, it can make the object in its steady position.

Friction Facts 10: usage of friction

Friction is applied in various kinds of activities such as when you use sandpaper, making a fire, when you perform car bikes or when you walk.



There are several types of friction. Those are dry friction, fluid friction and rolling friction. Do you have any opinion on facts about friction?

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