10 Interesting Pi Facts

Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | Science

Let’s find out about pi facts if you want to know more about science. It is considered as the most intriguing number in mathematics. This mathematical constant is very recognizable. Pi has the symbol of p. It has been used in the mathematical world for about 250 years. Find more facts about pi below:

Pi Facts 1: O.J. Simpson Trial

O.J. Simpson trial is very famous at that time. There was a debate about the actual value of pi between the FBI agent and the defense attorney Robert Blasier. The attorney wanted to reveal the flaw of FBI’s argument.

Pi Facts 2: Men’s Cologne

Men cologne from Givenchy is inspired by the name of pi. This Pi cologne was used by Givenchy to present the sexual appeal of the visionary and intelligent men.

Pi and Birthday

Pi and Birthday

Pi Facts 3: Irrational Number

Pi is considered as an irrational number. The last digit of this constant will go forever so that it will be difficult to find the exact sequence. It will be difficult to measure the circumference for a circle. A great scientist is seen in Albert Einstein facts.

Pi Facts 4: Movie p

When talking about pi, you can find out not only about science, but also a movie. A fascinating movie made by Darren Aronofsky entitled Pi: Faith in Chaos won in Sundance Film Festival in 1988 for the directing award. This movie talked about the main character who wanted to find out the simple answer about pi.  But it made him mad.

Pi Facts

Pi Facts

Pi Facts 5: Name

The letters p and p are derived from the English and Greek alphabets. Both of them come in the 16th letter of both languages. Learn more about science by checking Berrylium facts.

Pi Facts 6: Great Pyramid at Giza

Pi is also associated with Great Pyramid at Giza.   It seems that the creators of the pyramid approximated pi.

Pi Pie

Pi Pie

Pi Facts 7: Hiroyoki Gotu

Hiroyoki Gotu got the title as the current pi champion in 1995. This man can memorized 42,195 places of pi. Many scientists estimate that the Japanese language is more appropriate when people want to remember a sequence of number.

Pi Facts 8: Ludolph van Ceulen

Ludolph van Ceulen was a man living from 1540 to 1610.   He created the Ludolphine Number after he spent all his life to count the first 36 digits for pi.

math pi decimal matrix

math pi decimal matrix

Pi Facts 9: William Shanks

William Shanks was another man obsessed with pi.   The main purpose of this man was finding the first 707 digit of pi in his entire life by hand. However, this man made mistake in the first 527th sequence.

Pi Facts 10: Hitachi SR 8000

Hitachi SR 8000 is a supercomputer. To count the first 1.24 trillion digits of pi, the supercomputer has to compute it for about 400 hours in 2002.



People have been studied about pi for the last 4000 years. The ancient Egyptian has the pi value for 3-1/7 or 3.143, while the 2000 B.C., Babylonians have the constant circle ratui of 3-1/8 or 3.125. What do you think on facts about pi?

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