10 Interesting the Clarinet Facts

Tuesday, March 29th 2016. | Entertainment

Do you like learning The Clarinet Facts? Look at the following post below. Clarinet is one of the woodwind instruments that many musicians like to play. This instrument is not easy to play.  You have study and practice using the instrument to become an amazing clarinetist.  Manu people use clarinet as a solo instrument. Here are some interesting facts about the clarinet below:

The Clarinet Facts 1: the musicians with clarinet concerto

Weber, Mozart and Copland are some of the famous musicians who created concerti. They focused on the usage of clarinet as the main instrument.

The Clarinet Facts 2: the common combination with clarinet

The horns, bassoons, clarinets and oboes are used in the octet. Another combination is seen in reed quintet.  The instruments include bassoon, bass clarinet, clarinet, oboe and saxophone. Get facts about the cello here.

Clarinet Player

Clarinet Player

The Clarinet Facts 3: the inventor of clarinet

It is believed that clarinet was invented in Germany by Johann Christoph Denner in 1700. He only altered chalumeau by adding a register key on the instrument. The playability as well as the tone of the instrument was enhanced.

The Clarinet Facts 4: orchestra

Clarinet is one of the important musical instruments in the orchestra. The people often use the bass clarinet since the mid-19th century.

Clarinet Image

Clarinet Image

The Clarinet Facts 5: a flexible musical instrument

Now clarinet is not only used in a traditional orchestra.  Due to its flexibility, it is used in jazz, marching bands, military bands and concert bands.

The Clarinet Facts 6: the size of clarinet

If you think that clarinet section is small, you are wrong. It does not involve a single person. The band often needs the third musician to play clarinet.

Clarinet Pic

Clarinet Pic

The Clarinet Facts 7: the famous composers

The famous composers who decide to widen the section of clarinet in the musical performance include Olivier Messiaen, Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss in twentieth century.

The Clarinet Facts 8: clarinet jazz

In the past, clarinet plays an important part in jazz performance. In 1940s, it was considered as a prominent feature in jazz music.

The Clarinet Facts

The Clarinet Facts

The Clarinet Facts 9: the famous swing clarinetists

In 1930s, Woody Herman, Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman were the swing clarinetists who brought clarinet into its peak.

The Clarinet Facts 10: clarinet in rock music

You must be surprising to know that clarinet actually has been featured in the rock music. “Dance to the Music” is a rock song featuring clarinet as the musical instrument played by Jerry Martini. Find facts about rock music here.



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