10 Interesting Pop Music Facts

Wednesday, November 12th 2014. | Entertainment

If you like to know the famous singer and their record, you have to check out Pop Music Facts.   Jimi Hendrix is one of the famous musicians in the world. Do you know that actually he sells fewer records compared to Creed? Check out more facts about pop music below:

Pop Music Facts 1: Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the famous female singers in the world. She created a lot of hits such as Diamond and Umbrella. Do you know that she has 10 number one singles? Do you know that Depeche, REM and Led Zeppelin only had a number one single? Other famous pop stars include Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Beyonce. Get facts about Michael Jackson here.

Pop Music Facts 2: “Tik-Tok”

Have you ever heard “Tik-Tok”? It was sung by Ke$ha. This single was very popular for it was sold in more copies compared to any Beatles singles.

Pop Music Facts

Pop Music Facts

Pop Music Facts 3: Falling Into You

Falling Into You is a fantastic song by Celine Dion. Compared to the single of Nirvana, Queen and Bruce Springsteen, Falling Into You was sold in more copies. Check out the lead singer of Nirvana in Kurt Cobain facts.

Pop Music Facts 4: American pop music

The American pop music is always associated with an electric guitar.

Pop Music MJ

Pop Music MJ

Pop Music Facts 5: what is pop music?

There are a lot of genres that you can find in pop music. Some people like to call it as popular music too. It is a kind of entertainment infused with United States culture.

Pop Music Facts 6: the origin

If we talk the origin of the American pop music, we need to know tunes and parlor songs because the popular music was derived from both.

Pop Music

Pop Music

Pop Music Facts 7: the earliest form

Some examples of the earliest forms of pop music can be seen in Broadway music, rag time and Tin Pan Alley.

Pop Music Facts 8: the first recorded pop music

It was in the beginning of 1900s that the first recorded pop music performed in America. The performances include the vaudevilles and phonographs on barbershop quartets.

Katty Perry

Katy Perry

Pop Music Facts 9: black music

One type of popular music in America was black music. The famous genres for black music are blues and jazz. Even though the music was very popular in New York and Chicago, it was originated from New Orleans. If you want to check out the modern version of black music, look at hip hop. There are many major singers who love to sing hip hop songs.

Pop Music Facts 10: country music

Country music has been called as one of the most popular music genres in America since 1920s.



Some American pop music legends include Elvis Presley, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. Are you impressed with facts about pop music?

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