10 Interesting Rock Music Facts

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Rock Music Facts tell you about one of the most popular musical genres in the world.   It grew well in United States and United Kingdom in 1960s.  The genre was originated from the rock and roll music which was very popular 1940s and 1950s. The rock and roll music was highlight influenced by the combination of country, rhythm and blues music. Here are other facts about rock music below

Rock Music Facts 1: the combination

The rock music is often combined with other types of musical genres such as classical, jazz, and folk and blues music.

Rock Music Facts 2: the electric guitar

One of the musical instruments of rock music is seen on the electric guitar. Then it will be accompanied with drum and electric bass guitar.

Rock Music Facts

Rock Music Facts

Rock Music Facts 3: the characteristics

Rock music is always characterized with a 4/4 time signature. It uses a verse chorus form. But today, you can find different kinds of rock music in various verses chorus.

Rock Music Facts 4: the themes

There are wide arrays of themes in rock music. The lyrics can address different themes such as politics and social life. But you can find some of them stressing on the romantic love.

Rock Music On Stage

Rock Music On Stage

Rock Music Facts 5: the live performance

The life performance is very important in the rock music. Can you imagine if rock music is not performed live? The audiences will be disappointed.

Rock Music Facts 6: the classic rock

The classic rock was flourished in the end of 1960s. People call it as the golden age.  There were some subgenres of rock which flourished at that time.  It included the country rock, blues rock, jazz rock, and folk rock.

Rock Music

Rock Music

Rock Music Facts 7: the heavy metal

The famous subgenre of rock music is the heavy metal. Have you listened to this rough and hard music?   Many young listeners love it.  This music focuses on the speed, power and volume.

Rock Music Facts 8: punk rock

Punk rock was introduced in the second half of 1970s. The lyrics often present the political and social critiques.  In 1980s, the punk genre developed into subgenres such as indie rock, Britpop, post-punk, and new wave. It also infused with other sub genres such in rap metal, rap rock, and pop punk. Get facts about pop music here.



Rock Music Facts 9: Beach Boys

Beach Boys could sustain the popularity in the mid 1960s. It was one of the famous bands at that time. Find out another genre in reggae music facts.

Rock Music Facts 10: The Beatles

Many people believe that the only American rock of pop which can compete with The Beatles is Beach Boys.

Facts about Rock Music

Facts about Rock Music

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