10 Interesting Macklemore Facts

Thursday, June 26th 2014. | Entertainment

Macklemore facts present the ideas about the hip hop singer who made a team with Ryan Lewis. In the last recent years, the duo is very famous. Macklemore has another nickname. He is also called Ben Haggarty. Find out more facts about Macklemore by reading the following post below:

Macklemore Facts 1: Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis is the creative partner of Macklemore. In 2000, Macklemore released his EP, Open your Eyes. In 2005, he released ‘The Language of My World’, his own album.

Macklemore Facts 2: ‘The Heist’

‘The Heist’ is the album of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis which made the duo famous around the world.

Macklemore and Lil' Kim

Macklemore and Lil’ Kim

Macklemore Facts 3: the real name

Do you know the real name of Macklemore? His real name is BenHaggerty.  He uses the stage name Macklemore. Many people call him Professor Macklemore.

Macklemore Facts 4: Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis is a partner of Macklemore. At first, he worked as a professional photographer. He met Macklemore for the first time in 2006 when he photographed him. Lewis is a talented person. He becomes a DJ on their live tour.

Macklemore Duo

Macklemore Duo

Macklemore Facts 5: awards

Let’s talk about the awards that this duo had. Both got a BET award and 3 MTV awards. The duo is also nominated in 2 Hip Hop awards, 5 MTV EMAs and 6 AMAs.

Macklemore Facts 6: addiction

Macklemore had to struggle against drug and alcoholic addiction in the past.  He went to rehabilitation since 2008.

Macklemore Facts

Macklemore Facts

Macklemore Facts 7: ‘Thrift Shop’

‘Thrift Shop’ is one of the famous videos of Macklemore and Lewis. The duo was on a tour in US.

Macklemore Facts 8: part of job

Talking about this duo, Ryan Lewis is the producer, while Macklemore is the rapper. Check another rapper in Eminem facts.

Macklemore Pic

Macklemore Pic

Macklemore Facts 9: staring of career

Macklemore had to struggle to star this career. Since he is native to Seattle, he becomes a local musician.  His struggle is paid back since in 2002 he became a star in North America and Europe.

Macklemore Facts 10: secondhand clothes

It is a surprising fact to know that this man likes secondhand clothes.  The single thrift shop gives the people a message to hunt bargain clothes on the local thrift shop.



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