10 Interesting the Cello Facts

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One of the classical musical instruments is explained on The Cello Facts. People often call it violoncello. This string instrument is equipped with four strings. Cello is included as a member in violin family. Other musical instruments in the family include viola and violin. The musician often plays cello as a solo musical instrument. But you can also find them in rock bands, symphony orchestra, string orchestra and chamber music ensemble. Here are some interesting facts about the cello to note:

The Cello Facts 1: the size

If we talk about the size of the cello, it is considered as the second largest bowed string instrument. The largest one is taken by the double bass.

The Cello Facts 2: the construction of cello

The design of cello is taken from various musical brown instruments in 16th century which included the instrument of squarer viola da braccio and viola da gamba.

The Cello Pic

The Cello Pic

The Cello Facts 3: the player

You can call the people who play cell as a violoncellist or cellist.

The Cello Facts 4: the classical music

Cello is not considered as a modern musical instrument. The usage of cello is always connected with the European classical music. Some people believe that the sound of this musical instrument is closely related to the sound of human.

The Cello

The Cello

The Cello Facts 5: the baroque works for cello

Are Johann Sebastian Bach’s six unaccompanied Suites are considered as the most prominent Baroque works for cello. The other works include two concertos by Joseph Haydn in C major and D major, Ludwig van Beethoven’s five sonatas for cello and pianoforte, Johannes Brahms’ Double Concerto and Antonín Dvorák Concerto.

The Cello Facts 6: the composition of cello in 20th century

Cello is a unique musical instrument. There is no need to wonder that many musicians in 20th century decide to create compositions using cello. You have to listen to Claude Debussy’s Sonata for Cello and Piano and Edward Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor.

The Cello Player

The Cello Player

The Cello Facts 7: the traditional fiddle music

Some of the famous cello players are Liz Davis Maxfield, Mike Block and Natalie Haas. You can find the instrument incorporated in the traditional fiddle music.

The Cello Facts 8: the today’s popularity of cello

Cello is not considered as a popular musical instrument today. However, it was generally used in disco and pop music in 1970s.

The Cello Facts

The Cello Facts

The Cello Facts 9: the recent usage of cello

The recent usage of cello today is on the music of R&B and hip hop. It was used during the performance of Ne-Yo and Rihanna. Get facts about the Bassoon here.

The Cello Facts 10: the materials to create cello

In most cases, wood is used to create cello. Due to the modern technology, people can use aluminum or carbon fiber to make this instrument.

Facts about The Cello

Facts about The Cello

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