10 Interesting Linkin Park Facts

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Let me show you about the famous rock band in the world by reading Linkin Park facts. Linkin Park’s music is unique. The members of this band include Chester, Mike, Joe, Rob, Brad and Phoenix. Let’s find out the detail info about Linkin Park in the following post below:

Linkin Park Facts 1: early life of Chester

Before he was the lead singer in Linkin Park, Chester was a member of a band called Sean Dowdell and Friends. At that time, he was only 15 years old. There are three songs that this band had as an evidence of the presence of Sean Dowdell and Friends. Those are Kill the Flies, Painted Pictures and God’s Afraid.

Linkin Park Facts 2: marriage of Chester

When Chester was 20 years old, she married to Samantha on 31st October 1996. Both have a baby boy on April 19, 2002. The baby boy is named Draven Sebastian Bennington.

Linkin Park Concert

Linkin Park Concert

Linkin Park Facts 3: Clothing Company

Chester is a good designer.  He designed some clothes from the clothing company of Orgy’s Ryan Schuck and Korn’s Head.

Linkin Park Facts 4: Pytor Tchaikovsky

Do you know that Mike shared a family relation with Pytor Tchaikovsky, a Russian musician? Mike stated that he was his cousin great great great uncle.

Linkin Park Facts

Linkin Park Facts

Linkin Park Facts 5: the official site

Do you know that the designers of the official site of Linkin Park were Sparkart and Mike?

Linkin Park Facts 6: Mike and his label

Mike is considered as the brain of Linkin Park. He had his own label. He called it The Shinoda Imprint. The first band launched by his label is called Simplistic.

Linkin Park Image

Linkin Park Image

Linkin Park Facts 7: producer

The producer of Linkin Park’s Reanimation and Hybrid Theory EP was Mike Shinoda.

Linkin Park Facts 8: One Step Closer

One Step Closer is one of the most popular songs by Linkin Park. Do you know that idea of the video clip of One Step Closer come from Joe? The location of the video shot is in a neglected subway tunnel 60 feet under Los Angeles. Check another successful band in Led Zeppelin facts.

Linkin Park Pic

Linkin Park Pic

Linkin Park Facts 9: In the End

In The End   is another successful song from Linkin Park. Joseph was the one who brainstormed the concept of the video. You need to check out the video for detail scenes.

Linkin Park Facts 10: Brad

Brad is a member of Linkin Park who received a bachelor degree in communication from University of California. Brad and Mike Shinoda went to the same Aguora High school.

Linkin Park

Linkin Park

Linkin Park has a lot of successful songs that you can listen such as This Is My December, One Step Closer and many more. Are you fascinated with facts about Linkin Park?

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