10 Interesting Finding Nemo Facts

Saturday, January 25th 2014. | Entertainment

Finding Nemo facts become the major topic here. I believe many people love to watch Finding Nemo. Yet, not all people recognize about some interesting facts about it. So, let’s conduct further review about the facts in this article.

Finding Nemo Facts 1: coral reef

The arrangement of coral reef in the film is so complicated. For example, it is required 1,890 corals in order to shot single fish fleeing from any barracuda to empty area. The fact, it is hand placed. Mr. Ray even needs to conduct inspection to DropOff to swim finding out reef sections and variety of corals.

Finding Nemo Facts 2: characters

Although all of the characters are animated, you can gain amazement from the way they are made. For example are the 7 pelicans which require total of 361,975 feathers to cover them. Bruce even has the amount of 202 teeth within the mouth.

Finding Nemo Characters

Finding Nemo Characters

Finding Nemo Facts 3: drive of turtle

There is the scene of turtle drive. In this case, you may realize that any creators have conducted simulation of the current of East Australian. They conduct the simulation along with the turtles as well. It is important for you to notice indeed.

Finding Nemo Facts 4: fish schools

It almost takes 1,000 animated fishes in order to fill up the fishing net. It is conducted in the end of the film. Can you imagine how much time needed in order to collect the data of the fishes? There is also the times when you may look for 50% of the fishes having the cycles of blink.

Finding Nemo facts

Finding Nemo facts

Finding Nemo Facts 5: jellyfish

There are about 8,609 jellies seen within the individual shot. It was in the scene where Dory and also the father conduct racing. If it is about the entire scene, the amount of jellyfish to populate is around 74,472. Making of Finding Nemo indeed requires great effort.

Finding Nemo Facts 6: explosions

There are 80 mine explosions required in order to blow the submarine up. There are required 120 layers of explosions to compose the scene.

Finding Nemo Film

Finding Nemo Film

Finding Nemo Facts 7: harbor

Any boats in harbor of Sydney have the name of employee of Pixar.

Finding Nemo Facts 8:  whale

The art department borrowed skin samples of actual whales and also the baleen as the reference. They borrowed from UC Berkeley.

Finding Nemo Wallpaper

Finding Nemo Wallpaper

Finding Nemo Facts 9: buzz lightyear

There is Buzz Lightyear within the floor of certain room in the film Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo Facts 10: Pixar reference

You may recognize that Pixar may always include other characters within their movie. For example are buzz lightyear, Mr. incredible, Cars, Pizza Planet truck, and others.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

If you concern more facts about Finding Nemo, you can read from any different source. What I provided above are the basic. I hope the information above is useful for any of you who pay attention to Fibonacci life.

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