10 Interesting the Harp Facts

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One of the oldest musical instruments in the world is explained on the harp facts.  The history of harp can be traced back around 3000 BC. But you can find the modern version of harp today. This musical instrument is considered as a part of orchestra in the world. The people believe that the first harp was designed based on a weapon. There is no need to wonder that the shape of a harp resembles a bow. Check other interesting facts about the harp below:

The Harp Facts 1: the evidence of harp in the pastime

There were paintings made in Middle East which featured the harp and King David. They were dated back 2500 BC. It was believed that King David actually was a harpist.

The Harp Facts 2: the harp design

The full harp found in the Sumerian city of Ur was tracked back in 2600 BC. Then the harp was used in Europe in 6th century. It was mainly used in Italy and Greece. The harp was also featured on the medieval carvings and manuscripts dated back in 8th century.

harp facts

harp facts

The Harp Facts 3: the national symbol

The harp is considered as a national symbol of Ireland. The Irish people were in love with this musical instrument by the 10th century. Check facts about the Clarinet here.

The Harp Facts 4: the Irish harp

The Irish harp is a little bit different from the concert harp. The foot operated pedals are seen in most concert harps. On the other hand, the Irish harp has the finger operated levers. You have to use the pads on the finger when you play the concert harp. The Irish harp enables the players to use their fingernails to strum the musical instrument.

the harp facts

the harp facts

The Harp Facts 5: the modern concert harp

There are several elements on the modern concert harp. Those include a base, a soundboard, a frame, 7 pedals and 47 strings.

The Harp Facts 6: the weight and length

The weight of a harp can reach 90 pounds. The length can reach six feet. Most of them are made in Chicago. Maple wood is the main material to create a modern concert harp.

harp pictures

harp pictures

The Harp Facts 7: how the harpists play this musical instrument?

The first four fingers on every hand of the harpist will be used to play this harp. The colored strings can be spotted on the harp.  The “F” strings usually are in black, while the red one is found in “C” strings.  Look at facts about the French Horn here.

The Harp Facts 8: angels

When seeing a harp, it reminds the people with the divine beings and angles.

harp pic

harp pic

The Harp Facts 9: Valentine’s Day

The harp is often associated with the image of Valentine Day. A harp is held by a Cupid.

The Harp Facts 10: Harp Lager

Have you ever heard about Harp Lager? This Irish brand features a harp as the symbol.

the harp

the harp

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