10 Interesting Sesame Street Facts

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If you want to know the notable American TV series for children, check Sesame Street Facts. This TV series is very popular in United States. There is no need to wonder that it becomes the long running TV series. The educational content is transferred to the children by using the short films, animation, Jim Henson’s Muppets, cultural references and humor. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Sesame Street below:

Sesame Street Facts 1: the creators

Do you know the creators of Sesame Street? Both are Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett.

Sesame Street Facts 2: the rating and review

On 10 November 1969, Sesame Street was aired. It earned high rating and positive review. But it also has a little controversy.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Sesame Street Facts 3: the changes of Sesame Street format

The format of Sesame Street changes throughout the time. It follows the changes of the viewing habit of the spectators as well as the changing of American culture.

Sesame Street Facts 4: the content

The content of Sesame Street is unique for it follows the curriculum and educational goal. It is considered as the first TV show which incorporates the education content.

Sesame Street Pic

Sesame Street Pic

Sesame Street Facts 5: the fund

The government and private foundations funded Sesame Street. Then the TV series can support itself after it has the international sales and licensing arrangement.

Sesame Street Facts 6: the broadcast of Sesame Street

Sesame Street is not only famous and popular in US but also in other countries in the world. Do you know that it is broadcasted in more than 20 countries by 2006?

Sesame Street  Muppets

Sesame Street Muppets

Sesame Street Facts 7: the audiences

It is estimated that 120 million people watched Sesame Street in 2001. In 2009, the TV series was aired in more than 140 countries for the 40th anniversary.

Sesame Street Facts 8: the story lines

The experience of the crew, cast, and writing staff were the inspiration of the storylines of Sesame Street.  The notable ones include the marriage of Luis and Maria in 1988 as well as the death of Will Lee in 1982. Get facts about Pokemon here.

Sesame Street Cartoons

Sesame Street Cartoons

Sesame Street Facts 9: the low rating

The rating of Sesame Street drops significantly for various reasons. It cannot compete with other shows. Moreover, the habit of the young children toward the show is changed.

Sesame Street Facts 10: the award

In 2009, the 36th Daytime Emmy Awards awarded the Sesame Street with a Lifetime Achievement Emmy. Find out another entertainment in Second Life facts.

Sesame Street  Facts

Sesame Street Facts

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