10 Interesting the Canadian Shield Facts

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Do you want to get informed with The Canadian Shield Facts? You have to look at the below post. It is considered as the large area of geological shield and Precambrian igneous rocks. The formation of the ancient geological core of North American continent is formed by the Canadian Shield. It is also called Bouclier Canadien in French or Laurentian Plateau. Find out other interesting facts about the Canadian Shield below:

The Canadian Shield Facts 1: the composition of the area

You can spot a thin layer of soil at the Canadian Shield.   The igneous rock is considered as the main composition of the shield.

The Canadian Shield Facts 2: the location of Canadian Shield

Let’s find out the location of the Canadian Shield. It spans from Great Lakes to Arctic Ocean. It has the deep bedrock located at the Eastern and central Canada. More than 50 percent of Canadian area is filled with the Canadian Shield. Actually the shield also covers the area in United States. It takes the south to the northern area.

the Canadian Shield Image

the Canadian Shield Image

The Canadian Shield Facts 3: the population

Mining is very common to spot in the Canadian Shield. But there are only few people who live here. The industrial development in the area is very minimal.

The Canadian Shield Facts 4: the provinces

There are five physiographic provinces located in Canadian Shield. Those are Hudson, James, Kazan Region, Davis, and Laurentian Upland.

the Canadian Shield Landscape

the Canadian Shield Landscape

The Canadian Shield Facts 5: the extension of the shield

The extension of the Canadian Shield can be seen in Adirondack Mountains and Superior Upland.

The Canadian Shield Facts 6: the shape of the Canadian Shield

Can you guess the shape of the Canadian Shield? It has the U shape. The shield forms the thin soil due to the greatest glacial impact.

the Canadian Shield Pic

the Canadian Shield Pic

The Canadian Shield Facts 7: the age of the Canadian Shield

Do you know the age of the Canadian Shield? The experts believe that it is more than 3.96 billion years old.

The Canadian Shield Facts 8: the jagged peak

The jagged peaks were spotted on the Canadian Shield in the past. If you compare the peaks with the mountains today, the shield had higher peaks. However, it changes today because of the erosion on the shield which occurs millions of years. Find facts about Canada here.

the Canadian Shield

the Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield Facts 9: the low relief

Today, you can spot the low relief on the Canadian Shield with the height at 980 to 2,000 feet above the sea level.

The Canadian Shield Facts 10: the covering areas

The areas covered by Canadian Shield are most of Ontario, Quebec, Labrador and Greenland. Find facts about Greenland here.

the Canadian Shield Facts

the Canadian Shield Facts

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