10 Interesting Heat Facts

Tuesday, March 18th 2014. | Earth

If you are wondered about the temperature at home, why don’t you educate yourself by reading heat facts?  If you think about heat, you always associate it with the summer season.  The heat wave during the summer season is very calming. That’s why a lot of people like to have vacation on the beach. Let’s find about heat facts below:

Heat Facts 1: Libya

Libya is one of the hot countries in Africa. The highest temperature in the world ever recorded was in Libya. The hot temperature occurred on 13th September 1922 at 136 degree F or 57.8 degree Celsius. We would need a lot of sunscreen at that time.

Heat Facts 2: Mars

Talking about heat, you will catch cold if you live in Mars.  In average, the experts record that Mars has the temperature around -63 degrees Celsius.

Heat facts

Heat facts

Heat Facts 3: polar bear

Polar bear lives in a very cold environment that human being cannot adapt. The animal can absorb more heat from the sun to keep their body warm because the skin of a polar bear is in black color.

Heat Facts 4: working ability

The working ability of people is affected by the temperature of their environment. This research has been done by NASA. This institution stated that the work output of people drops for 45 percent if the temperature reaches 95 degree F.

Heat Magma

Heat Magma

Heat Facts 5: cucumber

Cucumber is always used by people to make their face and skin cool. The people who get sunburn can make their skin cool by using slices of cucumber. The inside temperature of a cucumber is colder than the outside temperature. It can be in 20 F or 11 degree Celsius.

Heat Facts 6: how to calculate temperature

The way to calculate temperature without seeing a thermometer is explained in ‘Dolbear’s Law. You just have to count the chips generated in 14 seconds by the snowy tree cricket. Then you need to add 40 to know the exact temperature in degree F.

Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Heat Facts 7: wings

The flapping of wings can produce heat. Probably you do not know that 1,000 bees can produce 7 watts of heat if they flap their wings.

Heat Facts 8: heat wave

In 1892, the people introduced the word heat wave in New York. At that time, this state experienced a period of hot weather.



Heat Facts 9: balls

It is amusing to know that that balls used for the people to play at Wimbledon are kept in a refrigerated container until it is used by the players. The container has the temperature around 68 degree F.

Heat Facts 10: What is heat wave?

You can coin the term heat wave in your area if the temperature is more than 9 F or 5 C.



This definition was used by the world meteorological organization. This temperature usually lasts for more than five days respectively. Do you have suggestion on facts about heat?

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