10 Interesting Nature Facts

Wednesday, August 20th 2014. | Earth

If you want to learn about the earth and its ecosystem, you have to read Nature Facts.  When you see the nature, you can find out the beautiful ocean, global warming, recycling, wildlife, plants, animals, lakes, volcanoes and other awesome topics. Here are facts about nature for you:

Nature Facts 1: the largest reef system

The largest reef system in the world is located in Australia. It is called the Great Barrier Reef. Many people all over the world want to see the famous coral reef for it is fabulous and fascinating. You can also see a lot of types of fish here. Find out Great Barrier Reef Facts here.

Nature Facts 2: the Pacific Ring of Fire

The Pacific Ring of Fire has a lot of volcanoes. More than 75 percent of the volcanoes on earth are located in this area.  It is due to the fact that the tectonic plates meet here.

Nature Cool

Nature Cool

Nature Facts 3: Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean is called as the largest Ocean in the world. Other famous oceans include Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.

Nature Facts 4: Killer Whale

If you think that a Killer whale is a type of whale, you are wrong. It is actually is a type of dolphin. Another unique animal is seen on the polar bears. If you think that the skin of this animal is white, you are wrong. It has white fur but the skin is in black color.

Nature Facts

Nature Facts

Nature Facts 5: Rafflesia arnoldii

Rafflesia arnoldii takes the record as the largest individual flower on earth. It can have the weight more than 10 kilogram and the diameter from 1 up to 3 feet.

Nature Facts 6: plants

The growth of plants can be traced back 400 million years ago. If you want to know the plant grown in Amazon, you can see the giant water lilies. It has the diameter of 6 feet.

Nature Pathways

Nature Pathways

Nature Facts 7: standing sleeping

Can you tell me the animal which sleeps while standing? Both are horses and cows. Do you know that elephants are the largest land based mammal on earth?

Nature Facts 8: female lion

Let’s compare the ability of male lion and female lion. The female lion is the better hunter.  The lions will do hunting not only to gain food, but also to increase the pride.

Nature Trees

Nature Trees

Nature Facts 9: the burning of fossil fuel

The nature is sick today due to the human being activities. The global warming makes the temperature of earth increased from year to year. The ice is melting so that the sea elevation is up. The increase is CO2 level is mostly because of the burning of fossil fuel.

Nature Facts 10: natural selection

The theory of natural selection is established by Charles Darwin.  This man was the English naturalist who was born in 1809.



When people want to save the nature from a lot of garbage and trash, they have to know the waste hierarchy of 3R. They are ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. Do you want to comment on facts about Nature?

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