10 Interesting the Earth’s Mantle Facts

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The Earth’s Mantle Facts inform you with the area located between the crust above and core below. The silicate rock is the main component of mantle of earth. Actually this material is also found in Mars, Europa, lo, Moon and Vesta. There are several layers which make up the interior of earth.  Between the outer core and crust, you can spot the earth’s mantle. Here are other interesting facts about earth’s mantle:

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 1: the thickness

Can you guess the thickness of earth mantle? It is around 1,793 miles or 2,886 km.

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 2: the volume

Around 84 percent of earth volume is accounted for earth’s mantle. During the geological time, the mantle was in viscous fluid. Now it is mostly in solid texture.

The Earth's Mantle layers

The Earth’s Mantle layers

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 3: the core

The core of earth accounts for 15 percent of earth’s volume.  It is very hot and contains high amount of nickel and iron. The core is enclosed by the mantle.

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 4: the upper mantle

The upper mantle contains two primary zones. The plastic flowing rock with different thicknesses composes the inner asthenosphere. The thickness is around 20 miles or 200 km. The rigid rock is seen on the bottom of lithosphere. The thickness is around 31 to 75 miles.

The Earth's Mantle Pic

The Earth’s Mantle Pic

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 5: the upper part of lithosphere

The upper part of lithosphere is a thin crust. It is located around the mantle. The thickness is around 3.1 until 46.6 miles.

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 6: the exposed mantle

If you think that the mantle is always hidden below the earth surface, you are wrong.  The mantle is exposed to earth’s surface in some areas under the ocean.

The Earth's Mantle Facts

The Earth’s Mantle Facts

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 7: pushing the mantle to earth’s surface

The earth’s mantle can be seen on the surface of earth in few areas such as Zabargad in the Red Sea, St. John’s Island and Tablelands region of Gros Morne National Park. Get facts about sedimentary rocks here.

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 8: the mantle top

In 1909, Andrija Mohorovicic first recognized the abrupt increase of seismic velocity at the mantle’s top.

The Earth's Mantle Pictures

The Earth’s Mantle Pictures

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 9: the temperature

The temperature of earth’s mantle is around 932 to 1,652 degrees F or 500 to 900 degrees C. Get facts about temperate grasslands here.

The Earth’s Mantle Facts 10: exploration on earth’s mantle

The scientists focus to explore the mantle through the seabed because of it has thinner structure. Project Mohole was considered as the first project to explore earth’s mantle. Due to the high cost and failure, the project was neglected.

The Earth's Mantle

The Earth’s Mantle

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