10 Interesting Antarctica Facts

Tuesday, July 30th 2013. | Earth

Let me show you the interesting Antarctica facts for kids. There are several continents on earth. But many people do not learn much about Antarctica. Have you gone to Antarctica? This continent can make you catch cold if you spend time here. The interesting facts about Antarctica can be seen below:

Antarctica Facts 1: Location of Antarctica

You can find Antarctica on the globe. Find it on the southern part of the globe. If you want to know the South Pole, you can see it on Antarctica.

Antarctica Facts 2: Size

Antarctica is a big continent. If you compare it with Australia or Europe, it is totally bigger.  If you come to Antarctica, you can see that this continent is surrounded by the southern ocean.

Antarctica Continent

Antarctica Continent

Antarctica Facts 3: Ice

Antarctica is very well known with its icy look.  The thickness of the ice covering the whole surface of Antarctica is around 1 miles or 1.6 kilometer. Antarctica is included as an icy desert because it is lack of rain each year. A snowy region is seen in Utah facts.

Antarctica Facts 4: Temperature

The coldest temperature in Antarctica was felt in 1983. It was located in Vostok Stations. The coldest temperatures were measuring at -128.6 F or -89.2 C.

Antarctica Facts

Antarctica Facts

Antarctica Facts 5: Research Facilities

There are no permanent residences in Antarctica. Even though there are no permanent houses, thousands of people who live here. They are working on the research facilities located in Antarctica.

Antarctica Facts 6: Animals and Plants

You are wrong if you think that there are no living plants and animals in the icy continent. It seems that several plants and animals can adapt well with cold temperatures.

Antarctica Ice

Antarctica Ice

Antarctica Facts 7: Animals

The animals living in Antarctica that you can see are abundant including the seals and penguins.

Antarctica Facts 8: Ice on Earth

As far as I know the surface of Antarctica is covered with ice. That’s why more than 90 percent of ice in the world is located in Antarctica.

Icy Continent

Icy Continent

Antarctica Facts 9: Name of Antarctica

Do you know the meaning of Antarctica? The word is derived from the Greek language. If you go to the north, you can find the Arctic.

Antarctica Facts 10: Global Warming

One of the biggest concerns of human being nowadays is the global warming. If the heat increased, the sea level will rise and some low islands drown.  It is due to the fact that ice in Antarctica will melt. The scientists estimate that the sea level will rise at least 200 feet or 60 meter if all ice in the surface of Antarctica melts. Recycling facts give you the ways to prevent global warming.



If you want to avoid a big disaster in the future, you need to be friendly with environment. You may begin using bike and other environmentally friendly transportation. The manufacturers and cars have a big impact on global warming. We need to make sure that the ice in Antarctica is not melted from time to time if we want to live happy in the future. Do you have me facts about Antarctica to add?

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