10 Interesting Valley Facts

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Valley Facts talk about a low area located between the hills.  The geographical feature often has a river, which runs toward it. The major forms of valleys are available in two options. Both are the V-shaped and U-shaped valleys. In some cases, the form of valley might be the combination of both shapes. Another term related to valley is a dale. It is used to call the broadest geographic sense of valley. Let us look at other facts about valleys below:

Valley Facts 1: the vale

Another important term related to valley is vale.  It is used to describe a valley, which has a running river.

Valley Facts 2: the dell

Have you ever heard about the dell? It is used to call a wooded valley. It has a small shape with secluded feature. The word glen is often used to call a dell in Scotland.  The word strath in Scotland is used to call a valley, which has a running river and flat shape.



Valley Facts 3: a small valley

A small valley is often seen on a mountain cover. It is formed due to the erosion of geology found in the southern and central Appalachian Mountains. The term hollow is used to call a valley bordered by ridges or mountains.

Valley Facts 4: the other geographical features

The other geographical features included as valleys include gullies, ravines, canyons, gorges, kloofs, chines, and cmw. Check facts about Southeast Asia here.

Valley Pic

Valley Pic

Valley Facts 5: the formation

The structural valley is used to call the valley formed during the rise of highlands or even drop faults. The erosional valley is formed due to the presence of erosion.

Valley Facts 6: the V-shaped valley

The V-shaped valley is formed because of the flowing water. The steep bottom and walls are perceived on the valley formed by the rivers with steep gradients. That is why the flowing stream of the river will determine the valley’s shape and characteristics. Find facts about the Southern Ocean here.

Valley Image

Valley Image

Valley Facts 7: the examples of broad V-shaped valleys

The valleys located in Napf region of Switzerland, Black Canyon of North America, and upper Inn valleys of Australia are some examples of broad V-shaped valleys.

Valley Facts 8: the importance of river valleys

Do you know that river valleys have shown their importance since the ancient period?  The river valleys such as the Yellow River, Nile, Ganges, Indus and Tigris-Euphrates originated the first human society.

Valley Facts

Valley Facts

Valley Facts 9: the river function

The river on the valley was used as source of food and fresh water for the people.

Valley Facts 10: the tectonic activity

The tectonic activity may form the rift valley. The notable example is the Albertine Rift.

Facts about Valley

Facts about Valley

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