10 Interesting the Canterbury Tales Facts

Friday, March 11th 2016. | History

Are you interested to learn The Canterbury Tales Facts? You have to read the complete post below. Geoffrey Chaucer was the writer of Canterbury Tales. There were more than 17,000 lines in 24 stories of this medieval English book. Who is Chaucer? He was Controller of Customs and Justice of Peace in 1386. In 1389, he became Clerk of the King’s work. Check other facts about the Canterbury Tales:

The Canterbury Tales Facts 1: working on The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales is considered as the most famous work of Chaucer. He worked on the text when he took a position of government.

The Canterbury Tales Facts 2: the styles of writing

Chaucer made The Canterbury Tales in prose and verse. Actually the story was a part of a story telling contest.

Facts about The Canterbury Tales

Facts about The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales Facts 3: the story telling contest

A group of pilgrims had a story telling contest. This group traveled together to reach Canterbury from London. The main purpose of the pilgrims was to visit the Canterbury Cathedral where the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket was located.

The Canterbury Tales Facts 4: the winner of the story telling contest

Do you know the winning prize for the story telling contest among the group of the pilgrims? The person could get a free meal at Tabard Inn at Southwark.

The Canterbury Tales Book

The Canterbury Tales Book

The Canterbury Tales Facts 5: other works

Actually Chaucer had written various works before the Canterbury Tales? Those included House of Fame, Troilus and Criseyde, and Parliament of Fowls. Check facts about the Book Milkweed here.

The Canterbury Tales Facts 6: the characters

Chaucer presented the critical and ironic portrait of the English Society through the characters and descriptions in the tales even though the characters were only fictional.

The Canterbury Tales Facts

The Canterbury Tales Facts

The Canterbury Tales Facts 7: The Decameron

The Decameron probably was the collection that Chaucer read when he was in Italy in 1372 during his first diplomatic mission. Some people believe that this work reflected The Decameron. Get facts about British Monarchy here.

The Canterbury Tales Facts 8: the first critics

The tales of Chaucer were praised John Lydgate and Thomas Occleve. Both of them were considered as the first critics of Chaucer’s works.

The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales Facts 9: the point of view of the critics in 15th century

The critics agreed that Canterbury Tales was great due to Chaucer’s rhetoric and sentences.

The Canterbury Tales Facts 10: the incomplete tales

Because of the incomplete tales of the works, there were several authors interested to add or supplement the works to make it complete during the medieval era.

The Canterbury Tales Pic

The Canterbury Tales Pic

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