10 Interesting the Book Milkweed Facts

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Do you like reading a book? If that so, you need to know the Book Milkweed Facts. The story is basically about a boy that has no identity. He lives at the time when an identity is a crucial part of one’s life. The novel becomes popular as people find it unique and valuable.

The Book Milkweed Facts 1: The Tough Life

The main character of this novel lives on the street. The boy lived a bad life as he needs to avoid the Nazis who walk around the street. Fortunately, a group of Jewish orphans noticed him and they decided to protect the boy.

The Book Milkweed Facts 2: The Narrator

The novel has a narrator. It’s the future boy. The concept of the story is about his past life when he needed to face a tough life during the reign of Hitler in Germany. It was during the Holocaust, exactly.

Facts about The Book Milkweed

Facts about The Book Milkweed

The Book Milkweed Facts 3: Doctor Korczak

There are some minor characters in the novel. One of them is Dr. Korczak. He’s actually a real person. The name is JanuszKorczak. The book is considered as a historical fiction novel instead of a novel based on a true story, though.

The Book Milkweed Facts 4: The Holocaust

The prime setting of the novel is during the Holocaust. The book gets more and more famous once it’s published for the first time in 2003. Many English teachers often use it to create a discussion about that terrifying event.


The Book Milkweed Facts

The Book Milkweed Facts

The Book Milkweed Facts 5: The World War II

The Holocaust occurred back then during the WWII. It became the setting of the book, actually. The boy lived in Warsaw, Poland during the war.

The Book Milkweed Facts 6: The Unnamed

The boy who became the main character in this book has no name. During the story, he was called by various names. His guardian called him Misha, actually. Find facts about Midsummer Night’s Dream here.

The Book Milkweed

The Book Milkweed

The Book Milkweed Facts 7: The Rights

The book was published by the right of Orchard Books in Great Britain. Before, Milkweed was published by Stargirl of Jerry Spinelli. It was sold around 15K pieces.

The Book Milkweed Facts 8: The Awards

Spinelli got the Carolyn W. Field Award in 2003 for fiction. In the next year, he got Golden Kite Award for the same category.

The Book Milkweed Pic

The Book Milkweed Pic

The Book Milkweed Facts 9: The Allegory

If you read the novel, you might find the Milkweed angels and pods. These are the symbolisms of the book. Many people consider this book as the representation of caring, survival, and existence. Get facts about Sins and Needles here.

The Book Milkweed Facts 10: The Audio Version

There was a man named Ron Rifkin who read the Milkweed in the audio version. It was in 2003 and he got many critics due to his act.

The Book Milkweed Image

The Book Milkweed Image

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