10 Interesting Slavery in America Facts

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Let’s find out Slavery in America Facts if you want to know the history of the African American people. The first African slaves arrived in Virginia, America in 1619.  The Northwest Territory made the slavery institution illegal in 1787.  The slave trade was banned in 1808. Get more interesting facts about slavery in America by reading the following post below:

Slavery in America Facts 1: the demand of slaves

The demand of slaves was increased in America after the invention of cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793.

Slavery in America Facts 2: a slave revolt

A slave revolt occurred in 1800.  It was organized by an enslaved African American blacksmith named Gabriel Prosser. Since his conspiracy along with other slaves was covered, he was captured and hanged.

Slavery in America History

Slavery in America History

Slavery in America Facts 3: the importation of slaves

Due to the high demand of slaves in America to work in the plantation, many African slaves were imported.  The congress decided to ban the importation of slaves from African continent in 1808.

Slavery in America Facts 4: another revolt

Another slave revolt was organized by an enslaved African American carpenter named Denmark Vesey in 1822. His plan was to have a fight on Charleston, South Carolina. Since his rebellious act was uncovered, the official captured him and other rebels. They were hung.

Slavery in America Image

Slavery in America Image

Slavery in America Facts 5: the slave uprising

One of the famous slave uprisings was organized by Nat Turner. He was an African American preacher. Even though he was hanged eventually, he could have a bloody and short revolt in Southampton County, Virginia.

Slavery in America Facts 6: the abolition of slavery

A weekly paper called the Liberator was published by William Lloyd Garrison in 1831. It was aimed to urge the people to abolish slavery in America. There is no need to wonder that Garrison is one of the most influential figures during the abolitionist movement. Get facts about slave trade here.

Slavery in America Picture

Slavery in America Picture

Slavery in America Facts 7: The Underground Railroad

The successful slave who was able to escape from the institution of slavery was Harriet Tubman. He became the leader in the Underground Railroad.

Slavery in America Facts 8: Uncle Tom’s Cabin

One of the most significant books which stirred the anti slavery sentiment was expressed in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Slavery in America

Slavery in America

Slavery in America Facts 9: the confederacy

The confederacy was established in 1816. The civil war began when the Deep South seceded. President Lincoln wanted all slaves to be freed. Get facts about Roman Slaves here.

Slavery in America Facts 10: the end civil war

The civil war between the south and north ended in 1865. Then President Lincoln was killed.

Slavery in America Facts

Slavery in America Facts

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