10 Interesting the Alamo Facts

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The pivotal event in the Texas Revolution was explained on The Alamo Facts. It is the battle of Alamo occurred on 23 February until 6 March 1836. The assault of President General Antonio López de Santa Anna with his Mexican troops was located on Alamo Mission. The today’s location of this mission is at the present day San Antonio, Texas. The troops targeted on the Texian defenders. Here are some interesting facts about the Alamo to note:

The Alamo Facts 1: The Texian army

There were many Texians who wanted to join the Texian army due to the cruelty of Santa Anna.

The Alamo Facts 2: the end of the revolution

The end of the revolution took place on 21 April 1836 when the Mexican Army was defeated by the Texians at the Battle of San Jacinto.

The Alamo

The Alamo

The Alamo Facts 3: Mexican Texas

All Mexican troops were removed out of the Mexican Texas by the Texians several months later. Then the Alamo was garrisoned by around 100 Texians.

The Alamo Facts 4: retaking Texas

There was an attempt to retake Texas from the Texians by having 1,500 Mexicans marched at San Antonio de Bexar on 23rd February.

Facts about The Alamo

Facts about The Alamo

The Alamo Facts 5: the battle

The battle between the Texians and Mexicans was fierce. After repulsing two attacks to the Texians, the Mexican army defeated them on the third attack.

The Alamo Facts 6: the death

There were around 182 to 257 Texians died during the battle based on the report of the eye witness. There were 600 Mexicans wounded or killed during the Battle of Alamo.

The Alamo Facts

The Alamo Facts

The Alamo Facts 7: the site

Now Alamo is more famous as a battle site than a former mission during the 19th century. However, the Mexican American War which took place in 1846 until 1848 was often overshadowed the Battle of Alamo.

The Alamo Facts 8: an official Texas State Shrine

The official Texas State Shrine is located at the Alamo Chapel.  In 20th century, the land and building were purchased by Texas Legislature to design it as the Shrine. Find facts about Rhode Island Colony here.

The Alamo Pic

The Alamo Pic

The Alamo Facts 9: the Alamo Site today

Today, many people visit the Alamo Site for it is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Texas.

The Alamo Facts 10: in popular culture

The story of the Battle of Alamo has been a popular subject in literature.  In 1843, there were various nonfiction works made based on the Alamo. Get facts about slavery in America.

The Alamo Site

The Alamo Site

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