10 Interesting the Stamp Act Facts

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Let us study about history by reading the Stamp Act Facts. The historical event took place in 1765. It was dubbed The Stamp Act of 1765. The longer title of the event was Duties in American Colonies Act 1765. This act was made in favor of Great Britain toward the British American colonies. The printed materials in the colonies should be produced using the stamped paper produced in London for they would have the embossed revenue stamp. Moreover, the act also required the colonies to pay direct tax. Let us find out what happened during the Stamp Act by checking the following post below:

The Stamp Act Facts 1: what were the printed materials?

The printed materials which had to feature the embossed revenue stamp included the newspaper, playing cards, magazines, legal documents and other paper types used by the people in British American colonies.

The Stamp Act Facts 2: the payment

The stamp tax, which had to be paid by the British colonies, should be in British currency just like the preceded taxes. The colonial paper money was not accepted.

stamp act facts

stamp act facts

The Stamp Act Facts 3: the purpose of Stamp Act

What was the purpose of having the Stamp Act?  The payment from the tax would be used by Britain to pay the soldiers in North America. Get also facts about Spanish American War here.

The Stamp Act Facts 4: the view of American people

The American people believed that there was no need for the British to put soldiers in North America for they could protect themselves from the Indians.

stamp act

stamp act

The Stamp Act Facts 5: the unpopular act

The Stamp Act was considered as an unpopular decision to be applied in American colonies.

The Stamp Act Facts 6: the protest

The colonists were against the Stamp Act. Therefore, the petitions were sent by the colonial assemblies. The petition was for the King and Parliament.

the stamp act facts

the stamp act facts

The Stamp Act Facts 7: the Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty was a secret organization, which initiated the demonstration and protest against the Stamp Act.

The Stamp Act Facts 8: the collected taxes

The collection of tax conducted by the stamp tax distributors was not effective due to the violent protest and demonstration.

the Stamp Act Reaction

the Stamp Act Reaction

The Stamp Act Facts 9: the pressure

The British parliament was not only pressured by the colonists, but also by the British manufacturers and merchants who exported their goods to American colonies.

The Stamp Act Facts 10: the abolition of Stamp Act

On 18 March 1766, the Stamp Act was removed. However, the parliament still applied other types of regulations and taxes. Check also facts about Spanish Civil War here.

samuel adams opposed the act

samuel adams opposed the act

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