10 Interesting Nubia Facts

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014. | History

Nubia Facts inform the readers with the interesting history, culture, civilization and geography of the Nubian people. Nubia means the land of the bow. It has several nicknames. Some people call it Wawat, Kush, and Ta-seti. Here are the detail facts about Nubia for you:

Nubia Facts 1: the First Cataract

The First Cataract is always associated with the boundary between the Land of Nubia and Kush with ancient Egypt. During the ancient Egyptian time, the people from Egypt went through Nubia to import ebony, gold, ivory, exotic animals, incense and copper from other African regions.

Nubia Facts 2: name

The name Nubia is believed to derive from the Egyptian word, nub. It means gold. At that time, people found the gold mines in Nubia. The slaves, prisoners of war and convicted prisoners worked in the mines.

Nubia Ancient

Nubia Ancient

Nubia Facts 3: Trade expansion

Egypt controlled the trade routes on the area of Nubia during the middle Kingdom in 2134 BC to 1782 BC. By controlling the routes, it enabled the Egyptian people to transfer the exotic goods from other African regions.

Nubia Facts 4: colonization

After controlling the trading route, Nubia was controlled by the military.  Nubia was colonized by ancient Egyptian people.

Nubia Desert

Nubia Desert

Nubia Facts 5: Viceroy

There were several provinces in New Kingdom of Nubia. Each province was controlled and ruled by a viceroy. The pharaoh chose the viceroy from the member of Egyptian royal family.

Nubia Facts 6: the role of a viceroy

Do you know the role of a viceroy in the New Kingdom of Nubia? The main function was to oversee the natural resources, trade system and collect the annual tributes from the Nubians to the treasury of Egypt.

Nubia Facts

Nubia Facts

Nubia Facts 7: the tributes for the Egyptian treasury

As I have stated before, the Nubians people had to give the annual tributes for the Egyptian treasury.  It could be in the form of leopard skin, exotic animals, precious stones, ostrich plumes and slaves.

Nubia Facts 8: pyramids

The main proof that many areas in Nubia were colonized by the ancient Egyptian people could be seen on many pyramids erected in Nubia. Compared to the pyramids in Egypt, it has greater number.

Nubia Facts

Nubia Facts

Nubia Facts 9: Piye

Piye was the famous Kushite King who conquered the Egyptian kingdom during the 3rd intermediate period of the New Kingdom in Nubia. It was called as the 25th dynasty.  After the defeat, there were many Nubian origins who became the pharaohs of Egypt. Find out ancient Egypt facts here.

Nubia Facts 10: The Nubian Dynasty

Egypt was controlled by the Nubian dynasty for 89 years. It was from 760 BC to 671 BC.

Nubia Sudan

Nubia Sudan

You can find the new value, culture, arts, religion and architecture affecting the ancient Egyptian people after it was controlled by the Nubians. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Nubia?

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