10 Interesting Rain Facts

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Rain Facts give the interesting information about the water which drops from the sky. During the rainy season, you can enjoy the cool temperature. The land looks so wet. You need to bring an umbrella every time you leave the house or apartment. Check out a wide range of rain facts below:

Rain Facts 1: the least rainy place

Many people always think that desert is the least rainy place on earth. It is not true because the Antarctica only gets 6.5 inches of rain or snow each year. Even though this area is covered with ice, it has the least rain.

Rain Facts 2: the wet place

You always think that rain will make the ground very wet. It is not true if it drops on the hot and dry place.  Before the rain touches the ground, it has been evaporated.

Rain Facts

Rain Facts

Rain Facts 3: the raindrops

It is quite surprising to know that not all raindrops are made of water. The methane or sulfuric acid is the main component of raindrops in Venus, moons and other planets.

Rain Facts 4: how to get less wet in the rain

If you want to get less wet in the rainy days, you need to get out of the rain as fast as you can.

Rain Pic

Rain Pic

Rain Facts 5: ow to predict the rain

The way to predict the rain is easy since you just have to know the color and shape of clouds. You can see the rain within 24 hours, if you see a cumulonimbus or nimbostratus cloud.

Rain Facts 6: precipitation

You can call precipitation for the rain falling from the sky. This rain comes in the form of water droplets. The water dropping from the sky can be found in the form of snow, sleet and hail.

Rain Showers

Rain Showers

Rain Facts 7: water cycle

Rain is a part of water cycle. Can you imagine the life of human being if they cannot get the freshwater from this cycle?

Rain Facts 8: the highest amount of rainfall

Do you know the highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in the world? It happened in Foc-Foc, Le Reunion.  It fell in 24 hours in 71.9 inches or 182.5 cm. This highest rainfall was recorded on 8 January 1966 during the tropical cyclone Denise.



Rain Facts 9: the heavy rain

The heavy rain is not good for human being for it can cause the disasters such as landslides and flooding. Get landslide facts here.

Rain Facts 10: the highest rainfall in one year

The record of the highest rainfall in a year is recorded in Cherrapunji, India. It is around 1000 inches or 25.4 meters. Find out monsoon facts here.

Facts about Rain

Facts about Rain

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